Come on! The double chromosphere and dream for everyone charity trip – public –

Come on! "The double chromosphere? Hosted dream everyone" charity trip – public – issued by Chinese welfare lottery management center, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the welfare lottery center with large Shuangseqiu theme marketing activities — "the double chromosphere? Everyone dreams for public tours will be opened in October 10th, the event will continue until the end of the year. This event is a large welfare lottery brand promotion activities, has three main characteristics: one is the national and provincial linkage, great in strength and impetus, public participation. Chinese jointly organized welfare lottery management center and the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, lottery betting station, the media and the public participation, to form a joint force potential. Two elements are fresh, public welfare and travel combined. The double chromosphere and the combination of the concept of public service travel, make the activities more positive, healthy, lively and full of tension, the way to travel to the concept of public interest spread. Three is a novel form, the combination of online and offline, fresh and lively fun. To carry out this activity to the more popular way, the existing voting activities and envelopes, package delivery, participants will have the opportunity to participate in offline charity trip, lively style, with a strong flavor of the times. Chinese Shuangseqiu welfare lottery game after 13 years of development, has become a famous brand Chinese earth lottery known to every family, it is Chinese single game sales leader in the lottery, as of the end of August 2016, since Shuangseqiu listed cumulative sales of 458 billion 674 million yuan; at the end of August 2016, since the listing Shuangse accumulated 160 billion 536 million yuan to raise the chest at the end of August 2016; since the double chromosphere, listed in a total of 13077 note first prize, in billion yuan prize winners up to 25 people. Shuangseqiu welfare lottery is adhering to the "to help the old, disabled, orphans and the poor, the issue of the purpose, but also a positive and healthy, positive energy public action touched the public. In 2015, for the first time to carry out innovative welfare lottery Shuangseqiu "for love and charity walking activities, promote and spread the joy of public philosophy, has won wide acclaim from all sectors of society. As of 2015 the double chromosphere "for love and charity and deepen the 2016 welfare lottery will carry out" the double chromosphere? Everyone dreams for "public tour activities, further publicize and promote cultural and welfare purposes. Shuangseqiu this year’s "dream for everyone?" charity trip activities mainly through the development of the national public participation tour activities, issued a public appeal to the whole society, advocating universal concept of public service, promote the "public welfare, charity, health, happiness, and innovation" welfare culture. On one hand, concentrated display of publicity over the welfare welfare lottery public welfare projects, transfer, echoing the sunshine Fucai construction; on the other hand, the public travel form advocated public happiness, through the organization of volunteers to participate in public welfare, to complete the task of travel, further spread of national public service concept. According to reports, this event is divided into three stages: one is "the most influential public welfare project" selection activities. Through mass selection, 50 moving public selected from the national lottery system)相关的主题文章: