Cooperation in the region to promote the project will be held in Nepal, the people’s Bank of Tibet C

Cooperation and assistance will be held to promote the project area of Nepal, Tibet channel — original title: cooperation and assistance section of Nepal project promotion will be held on the morning of 12, presided over by the chairman of the Tibet autonomous region assistant Luo Mei cooperation zone of Nepal aid project to promote the meeting held in Lhasa, to study the deployment area work to implement cooperation framework of Nepal sets, material and technical cooperation projects to aid, project management and project implementation units on promoting aid, report the situation. The meeting pointed out that the implementation of the organization by the Tibet northern Nepal aid projects, the Ministry of Commerce of Tibet trust and support, to promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Tibet and Nepal, Nepal and Tibet to promote infrastructure interoperability, and actively integrate into the national "The Belt and Road" strategic layout and create favorable conditions. At the same time stressed that the Ministry of Commerce in the strong support and guidance, in the Tibet district Party committee and government under the strong leadership, the relevant units in close collaboration to aid, "two station" project made progress. Meeting the requirements of the relevant units (city), to deploy in accordance with Tibet district Party committee and government decision-making, and two international and domestic situations, further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, and effectively improve work efficiency and service level, strengthen communication and coordination, to promote the project implementation schedule, with the project quality and the "two" the bottom line, to ensure the completion of the annual objectives and tasks. (commissioning editor Wu Yuren and Yu Haizhou)相关的主题文章: