Cross strait artists wave Oriental Exhibition hosted in Kunming – Beijing

Cross strait artists "wave Oriental" Exhibition hosted in Kunming – Beijing, Beijing in September 20 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) 20, the "wave – Oriental feeling to" Chung, Wu Weichao, Wu Shuyun three exhibition in Kunming curtain, 50 works of artists on both sides bring into the exhibition. On the same day, the two sides of the artists also to "stone can not speak" as the theme of the Taiwan artists in the more than and 10 years of art research. The exhibition is an exhibition of 50 works of art by artists in Chung, Wu Weichao and Wu Shuyun, including the works of the 25 pieces in the installation of the works, and the other 25 pieces of works of painting and calligraphy by the author of the works of Wu Weichao, the works of the author and the author of the paper, including the works of the other. The picture shows the Wu Shuyun flower and bird disk. Yu Yong, Wu Weichao, Wu Shuyun, Ma Qian photo is best friend for many years, three art practices unique or complex and delicate, delicate, or natural, shaped by emotion, artistic creation is the love and affection caused by and for, in the "dull and lonely" in daily life, three artists full of rich personal feelings, artistic style and simple and elegant, yet. Yu Yong is a member of Chinese Institute of Arts, under the tutelage of famous art historian Li Lincan et al., since 1998 he moved to Lijiang, is the son-in-law of Yunnan". He moved to Yunnan in the past 20 years, with Jinsha River and Lijiang stone mountain forest of deadwood, created hundreds of pieces of art works, "island of Taiwan" was collected by the Great Hall of the people. The picture shows Wu Weichao’s works "the play birds". Ma Qian photo, although the three of us, although the creation of different techniques, different forms of expression, but there is a common feature, that is, to comply with nature, awe of nature." In Yong view, traditional art and contemporary art are not contradictory, "in art is nothing but the expression of the author’s mind feeling and view of the world media, it is more often in his own mind and tell the story." Wu Weichao and Wu Shuyun are masters of Chinese ceramic art, which is the two time that they have come to Yunnan for the first time, and their works have appeared in Kunming for the first time. The opening day, Wu Weichao also conducted art sharing, he pointed out that the steric requirements of three-dimensional space, must have a good foundation and sketch of the light of understanding, ceramic sculpture painting must be from the start, is based on modeling ability. Exhibition site, Wu Shuyun’s 5 exquisite flower and bird disk so many viewers stop. She said: "the tide of color art broad and profound, since the choice of the art to the wind and rain, for the soul and charm." The exhibition will last until 26, and open to the public free of charge. (end)相关的主题文章: