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Dalian: "eleven" comprehensive improvement of the tourism environment — Liaoning Channel – people.com.cn original title: Dalian "eleven" to start the comprehensive improvement of the tourism environment eleven "golden week, Dalian city to carry out comprehensive improvement of the tourism environment. Yesterday afternoon, to strengthen the quality of service and bathing beach surrounding environmental remediation conference held in Dalian International Conference hall. Dalian Municipal Committee, vice mayor Lu Lin attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Since this summer, Dalian city for the return of public Pro sea power, make great efforts to straighten out the beach surrounding environment, made some encouraging progress. But there are still some deficiencies in the management of the public and tourists. The day before, the reporter for more than a month of unannounced visits in Dalian city were ten beach, found a lot of problems caused by city leaders attach great importance to city tourism bureau takes the lead, called the City Urban Construction Bureau, the municipal comprehensive law enforcement bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the district government departments and ten relevant responsible person to join the beach the meeting. Lu Lin requested at the meeting, from the "eleven", the relevant departments of the municipal government to form a joint inspection team, to Dalian city attractions, launched a comprehensive assessment from the quality of service, environmental health, quality of personnel, the safety of tourists and so on, in the news media after the publication of the results. The tourist attractions to develop strict standards of service, dedication of good products, improve the overall level of tourism environment in Dalian. (reporter Xue Ying) (Tang Long yuan, commissioning editor: filial piety)相关的主题文章: