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"Dear Uncle:" he is his two uncles of his uncle Tian Wenjun: he is his uncle uncle of his two uncles, high low bench is wood table. Peter Chan "dear", 2014 lines of control of the 313rd, this line from the "dear". Tian Peng lost in the streets of the son, Tian Wenjun () and his ex-wife, Mr (decorated with ornaments) to start a long journey to find the son of. In China, there are countless children in the streets disappeared, then abducted by traffickers to the country. The parents who lost their children were looking for clues, they formed a community, warm with each other already cold heart. This line is Tian Wenjun taught his son said home, but also the testimony of father and son. When they really found Peng Peng, Tian Wenjun cried again said this sentence, trying to arouse the memory of his son. But Tian Peng didn’t remember them. However, the story of "dear" is not over. Adoption of Tian Peng, another rural mother, Li Hongqin (she) began another section of the "reverse direction" to find the son of the road, and she is going to fight is a complex system of. "Dear" hit the China sensitive problem of child trafficking, and opened a corner of the curtain of society. This subject is very easy to turn bitternessplay, but it is relatively restrained, won praise after the release.相关的主题文章: