Decoration Diary – Modern American flowers at least the best effect of money clonecd

Renovation Diary – Modern American spend the least money with the best effect of         if you want to see the real experience of decoration, decoration vomiting summary, please pay attention to the decoration diary column. Here is a true record of the owners decoration, the decoration process drops sour, sweet, bitter, hot decoration skills. ?? The great lady, daughter of a humble family standard is generally the fancies of men of letters swordsmen, laugh not grinningly Ruoliu Fufeng, but sister at birth this gene belongs to the natural defects. Sometimes I doubt that he is the reincarnation of the beam hero, "can the zodiac, under the ocean to catch turtle to five, when the gene" ability "in our home decoration is completely unmasked. See this?? someone said: this goods must be a "single Wang", carry their own dirty work. I saw this on Oh, sister but has a genuine "male silver silver", but her broad shoulders and strong ability for Obama! ?? From launch to design to start, all are my own blanket, but with designer Su Zhiming Obama, really very strong province, is also a happy and satisfied with the decoration. At that time, with the designer to determine the design of the main style of the direction as: Modern american. A little warm, we must have the feeling of home, strongly rejected the hotel wind! After numerous exchanges, designer Su Zhiming tailored for me to let me unexpected beauty. ?? Because I don’t want to make the same flamboyant American, so we decided to simplify. The color of the walls to choose my favorite "iris purple", because the iris stands for freedom and handsome, is my style~?? sofa designer for I chose the classic rivet flax fabric sofa, color collocation and pillow, feels a little too easy-going, lively style belongs to the wind. Behind the zebra painting, but a painting for me personally, forcing the grid full moment. Taobao bought the walnut American bookshelf, the poem and the distance are put here. Although not miles, but still want to read thousands of books, can not eat no culture loss! I was chosen by the soft outfit for a dry cotton and green glass vase with a natural flavor. The design of the entrance of the designer?? rich aesthetic vision of the whole space. Retro bucket and classic American flower and bird wallpaper become the highlight of the color space. This is my favorite corner. The dining room through the barn door and the blackboard wall design, is definitely my favorite, later can write the daily recipes on it. Although it is a little rough woman man, but still need a sense of ritual ceremony, the designer through the design of the wall to make the restaurant space more artistic taste. ?? The table chair retro texture collocation classic American magnolia, it is good to hear or see, now I have forgotten my every day is a "bricks" female man. ? the master bedroom designer uses a dark grey with a walnut bed, and the red linen curtain lights up the whole atmosphere. ?? Second lie is mom and dad live in the room, the American and Chinese designer of hybridity, unexpected bloom of another kind of love. ????????相关的主题文章: