Demand for security is another city, the price of gold broke through 1200, hitting a new high of 8 m alienware m17x

The demand for security is another city, the price of gold broke through 1200, hitting a new high of 8 months. After the first day of trading, FX168 news fell on Thursday. () the gold market in the Asian plate once again brought a surprise, and the price of gold exceeded the important psychological barrier of 1200 US dollars ounce. On Thursday, the Asian plate gold market broke through 1200, accelerating upward, reaching the highest level of nearly 8 months of $1212 ounce. The congressional testimony of Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen (Janet Yellen) on Wednesday, unsurprisingly, raised interest rate expectations and drove the market’s hedging demand. Yellen hinted in the testimony that the Fed’s interest rate hike path depends on whether the financial market turmoil continues, "the recent financial situation in the United States has weakened the support for economic growth.". If the situation is lasting, it may cause pressure on economic activities and the prospects of the labor market." Although Yellen’s dovish degree is not as expected and retains the possibility of raising interest rates in March, the market is still affected by uncertainty, and the demand for hedging increases. Bernard Asia, strategist at IG Aw, said: "Yellen spoke about the volatility of the market, which led to the tightening of the financial situation in the United States, while the demand for hedging and the weakening of the U.S. dollar were the main causes of the current rise in gold prices." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

避险需求再下一城 金价突破1200触8个月新高   FX168讯 在前一交易日的先跌后涨之后,周四(2月11日)亚盘黄金市场再次带来惊喜,金价突破1200美元 盎司的重要心理关口。   周四亚盘黄金市场突破1200后,加速上行,触及1212美元 盎司的近8个月最高水平。   周三美联储主席耶伦(Janet Yellen)的国会证词不出所料的使得加息预期受到影响,推动了市场的避险需求。   耶伦在证词中暗示美联储的加息路径取决于金融市场动荡是否持续,“近来美国金融形势对经济增长的支持力度减弱。这一情况如果为时持久,可能给经济活动和劳动力市场的前景造成压力。”   虽然耶伦的发言鸽派程度不及预期,并且保留了3月加息的可能,但市场依然受到不确定性的影响,避险需求增加。   IG Asia的策略师Bernard Aw表示:“耶伦发言提到了市场波动性使得美国的金融状况收紧,而避险需求和美元的走弱是金价目前上涨的主因。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: