Dental health, this is not a small target!

Dental health, this is not a small target! As the saying goes "tooth white three Qiao, beautiful teeth for the first". In modern communication, a clean and healthy tooth will leave a good impression. A smile of eight teeth, not only make you look more affinity for Yan value points. In addition to good-looking, more important is the mouth and health is closely related to oral diseases and systemic diseases are inextricably linked. September 20th is the national Love Teeth Day, this year’s Love Teeth Day theme is: oral health and general health". With the popularization of the activity, the public awareness of oral health is increasing. However, do you really know "teeth"? Do you really know about oral health care? Our mouth is not really good smile is the greatest weapon, outdoor posters beautiful people with eight teeth "signature smile is admirable, but because of dental problems silently mischief, few people can have such a healthy and white teeth. In addition to "do not look good", "bad" problem is equally prominent. WHO for the definition of oral health as follows: no mouth and facial pain, mouth and throat cancer, oral infections and thrush, periodontal (GUM) and other diseases, tooth decay and tooth loss and chewing, biting, smiling, talking and social psychological health and personal ability and obstacle state. According to the who’s oral hygiene standards, the relevant statistics show that from around the world, the world’s 60%~90% school-age children and nearly 100% of adults with dental caries. 15%~20% middle-aged (35~44 years old) people suffering from periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss. About 30% of 65~74 year old people do not have natural teeth. The people’s oral health is also a lot of problems. According to the third national oral epidemiological survey shows that the prevalence of oral diseases in China up to more than 90%. 5~6 years old children with caries rate of up to 66%, 35~44 years old adults and 65~74 years old people with caries rate of up to 61% and 75.2%. More than half of the 12 year old age group with bleeding gums and odontolith. The most common oral diseases are dental caries, periodontal (GUM) disease, oral cancer, oral infection, wound and genetic lesions. (commonly known as dental caries, tooth decay) is a common oral disease mainly, but also one of the most common human diseases. "From the current survey, different age groups of people with different disease spectrum, young children with dental caries, the elderly with periodontal disease." Liu Jingming, director of the Department of Stomatology, Tongren Hospital Affiliated to Capital Medical University, in addition to dental caries, periodontal disease, in recent years, a high incidence of oral cancer, we should give adequate attention to oral cancer." Circle of friends about the misunderstanding of "teeth" oral "alarm" seriously affect the work and life, modern people pay more and more attention to oral health, but for the knowledge of oral health has many mistakes. In Liu Jingming view, the public there are four most common cognitive errors: first, blindly believe that the function of toothpaste. Toothpaste is only a daily necessities for me"相关的主题文章: