Double 11 to buy home appliances can not be pit

Double 11 to buy appliances can not be the pit? – double.11 Shopping Festival approaching, sales of home appliances is approaching the peak of the double once a year.11 Shopping Festival approaching, went to the annual shopping carnival season, both for businesses or consumers, double.11 is a feast. However, as the saying goes, it is better to buy than sell the essence. There are many consumers take it for granted that the double.11 shopping, especially in the purchase of home appliances, you can enjoy the most affordable price. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. You know, now shopping websites, often users like bombarded advertising to deceive consumers, and now the price is the lowest price promise this year, some consumers know the truth you have caught, think to buy cheap goods, but this is not the case. Many of the lack of conscience of the electricity supplier, often the first price and then discount, resulting in double.11 purchase of home appliances, the price is higher than normal normal. One of the killer: using the site to identify whether the lowest price? So, in the double.11 Shopping Festival, in the end should be how to polish eyes, not merchants flicker? Today, I would like to talk to you about this issue. To do good work must first sharpen his tools, I believe we all understand this truth. This weapon is what we call a price comparison site, make full use of various functional comparison sites, can provide a pair of eye during shopping for all pairs of.11, also can let you see what is now the price of the product is not really the lowest in history. The price of a commodity website details page in the parity site, we can make full use of the price trend of the price of the site, to see the price of the day in November 11th, is the history of the lowest price. The price of many sites, we use a price comparison website as an example, you can enter to search the product model in the website home page in here, we use Hisense 55EC620UA 4K Ultra HD TV as an example, look at how to watch the price trend. In the product details page, we can find the price trend of the column. Easily view the lowest in history, not to be fooled by opening the electricity price trend column, you can see the trend in the recent period of time in the price of this product, the default time is 1 months, that is within 1 months of price. We need to manually change the price range, the general choice of 3 months or so. Then, from the picture you can see that this is now priced at 3599 yuan Hisense TV, in September 9, 2016 there had been a minimum price of $3299. Therefore, in the double.11 day, we may wish to pay attention to whether the same or even lower prices, and then consider whether to buy. The killer two: thousands of comments caught, consumers view evaluation more efficient for a price comparison site, its function is not only can compare the price, there is also a very important function, this is the product reviews. Now many consumers before shopping, will pay attention to the user’s evaluation. Because the user’s evaluation, we have a certain reference value shopping. Such as TV color performance is good, the noise of the refrigerator is.相关的主题文章: