Editorial the interpretation of law is a major step to improve the legal system of Hongkong verbal jint

Editorial: the interpretation of law is a major step to improve the legal system of the Hongkong SAR Government in Hongkong said on the 4, have received the notice on the central government, "interpretation of the basic law" in article 104th, has been included in the agenda of the meeting of the Standing Committee of the npc. The attorney general has informed the court that day. According to the official sources in Hongkong, this is the initiative by the National People’s Congress released the law. People will interpret the law after the news, recently in the Legislative Council, openly profane swearing in ceremony in Hong Kong alone, the beam Songheng Huizhen tour, and extreme opposition to some of Hongkong’s immediate throat expression boycott, some western mainstream media also help them to attack the NPC’s decision. They say that the law of the people’s Congress means that the central government directly controls Hongkong and destroys the independence of Hongkong. It is not surprising that they are so surprised. As everyone knows, the "basic law" provisions of article 158th belongs to the National People’s Congress interpretation of the law, at present, how to understand the "basic law" the 104th regulation of the Legislative Council members sworn duty, the public opinion in Hongkong damage, Hongkong’s forces have been unable to quell, the NPC Standing Committee when the active interpretation is in accordance with the law to fulfill the maintenance the obligation and responsibility of the stability of Hongkong, it will help Hongkong to accurately understand the "basic law", out of the dispute. It is necessary to point out that Hongkong local faction and extreme opposition stance represents only a part of the dispute, condemned the beam, profane oath, to promote Hong Kong tour et al only voice is very strong in Hongkong, hope this dispute resolved as soon as possible, Hongkong return to calm is the mainstream of the city. The basic law has been passed for more than 20 years, and some of today’s situation was not foreseen at that time. The NPC Standing Committee to exercise the power of legal interpretation is the fundamental guarantee to ensure "basic law" to deal with the new situation in Hongkong. Liang, two people in the Legislative Council sworn oath, open tampering with Hong Kong Independence banner, is clearly contrary to the "basic law", but should be how to determine the nature of this behavior, and what kind of punishment, the "basic law" article 104th does not specify. Hongkong has recently seen a number of similar problems, some people openly violate the law, endangering national security, but advertised their actions in line with the law, resulting in a lot of controversy and confusion. Strengthening the interpretation of law is imperative. The interpretation of the law of the people’s Congress is part of the basic law, and its legitimacy should be no dispute. Hongkong’s extreme opposition parties have accused them of not wanting to comply with the basic law, or some of them are paranoid about the law. The legitimate source of the legal system of Hongkong in the central authority, the judicial practice of Hongkong must carry out the correct direction in "one country two systems", the guidance and supervision of the legal system of Hongkong and the "basic law" the purpose of keeping fit constitutional power. Some of the confrontational attitudes shown by some of Hongkong’s most extreme opponents are political and irrelevant to the law itself. They may incite the support of some people against them, provoking a big storm, but they can’t achieve the purpose. Hongkong’s extreme opposition forces against the constitution of People’s Republic of China and the Hongkong Special Administrative Region of the people’s Republic of China (8)相关的主题文章: