Energy Household Appliances Simple Ways And Means To Reduce Energy

Home-Appliances A modern home cannot be considered home without electricity. That is a fact, as most household items run on electricity. Today"s energy household had been very dependent on electricity. Though there are some appliances that are battery backed-up but this is only used when main power is not available. Making a conscious effort to save electricity also saves money and the environment. Energy household usage can be reduced up to ten percent by switching off power that is not being used. Many unplugged appliances and electronic devices still consume electric power even if they are not being used. This is .monly known as standby power and the power consumption can be stopped just by unplugging devices and appliances when not in use. While electronic equipment such as .puters, televisions, stereos and other associated items account for more than 50 percent of the standby power used in most homes, a numerous of other small devices also contribute. Most appliances that use mains electricity will draw standby power if not unplugged. Some of the most .mon devices are: "Remote controlled devices such as television, stereo, cable TV box, digital set-top box. "Any appliance with a digital interface or clock – microwave, DVD player, VCR. "Equipment that uses direct current power like laptop .puter, electric toothbrush, printer, fax machine. Sometimes it is inconvenient to unplug most of the major appliances in our home; small appliances such as battery chargers for mobile phones, MP3 players and cameras continue to draw power if left plugged in. Unplugged fully charged mobile phone chargers continue to draw power. So it is a must to unplug the above mentioned appliances when not in use. A home that is energy household efficient saves money for the household and helps to save the environment. There are simple ways to save electricity on a daily basis. Save Money, Save Energy, Save the Environment. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: