Energy-saving on Yao Di Qiao Zhenyu Yi poem language of love (video) shiyang

"Energy-saving" on Yao Di Qiao Zhenyu Yi poem love "energy-saving" Hengdian starting today concept poster exposure entertainment Tencent jointly produced by Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang Tak television Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing hualubaina film Limited by Share Ltd, Shanghai Yao Di film culture studio drama "energy-saving" held recently (September 20th) the boot ceremony in the town of Hengdian, the creative full debut. The play by the pile of novel, high Yijun directed, Yao Di, Qiao Zhenyu, Zhu Jiaqi, Wei Yi, Zheng Yawen, Zhang Di and other stars, nine years of youth memory IP, gold medal behind the team, high Yan value attention play bone meat collocation attracted outside the industry. A wild vine, heavily bedewed: nine years of youth IP screen to reproduce the love poem language made by the pile of "energy-saving" published in 2007, tells the story of the heroine Li Qingluo and Liu Jue and son from the entanglements between very touching love. The interlocking story line, the complex relationship between the characters of child heart make the book a classic collection of thousands of readers through the memory of youth. "Energy-saving" will be launched by the summit of Jinjiang literature network, the average daily traffic of over one million, the cumulative net hits billions of dollars, temporarily, until today, good writings make people copy them., Post Bar forum, micro-blog and other social networking sites still have a "love you more Liu Jue still from" theme posts and related discussion. In the film and television network IP works adapted into a tide today, "energy-saving" strong wind Chinese color, only love a person love story has a unique value, now the screen reproduce also let many fans expect "message". My heart a stone, not to have high value of bone with meat Yan play love imbroglio deduction on the occasion of the early announced choupai "energy-saving", the actor candidate will be of concern. With the starting ceremony scene exposure, Tse Kwan Ho, Jiang Kai, Zhang Tong, Zhu Zanjin, Chen Jingyang, Xiao Yanbo, Corelle, Sun Jialin, Yuan Fufu, He Yongsheng and other actors, but also contains one appearance, meat collocation play bone palace being quite seductive figure deduction. Yao Di starred in the drama is not much, but in the recent exposure of the "mind" in the choose day, South guest Yao Di wild, also let the audience on the green Luo played a corner with expectation. As the thoughtful Wang Yan back to Zheng Yawen from "love marriage" why after two degrees of cooperation in the play Yao Di, but two people but from bestie into rival, warm heart "strong woman" Zheng Yawen "from Lao Diao" corner reserve popular, the debut costume drama attracted many fans attention. Most users surprise is the star from the sub Qiao Zhenyu costumes, stunning and melancholy noble temperament let him become the perfect choice. As Liu Jue Zhu Jiaqi is new faces in the entertainment industry, but the meat comes with uninhibited is to give people the feeling of vitality of Liu Jue. One autumn, Guangling: cease three television giants gathered in ancient escort boutique drama "energy-saving" will be directed by director Gao Yijun, screenwriter, Zhao Xuewei, was the history of longlong Liang Yue and co authored. "Energy-saving" rare gathering of big three listed industries film shares, Tak television, hualubaina, from the capital, production standards, quality has a strong guarantee. ".相关的主题文章: