Equinox to fall before the arrival of the day before and after typhoon ready musiland

"Equinox" to fall before the arrival of the day before and after the typhoon poised yesterday is the twenty-four solar term in "equinox", this is a very strong sense of seasonal time node. According to the literal interpretation, it split the fall, but for located in the south of Taizhou, we will complete the conversion in the summer solar term before and after the sense of autumn in meteorology. Right now, we still fall from the formal point, but also a little hot weather this weekend back, is still the feeling of summer. Specifically, the next seven days, rainy days, less than normal rainfall, high temperatures. Today, up to 26, mainly cloudy, the temperature picked up. 27 to 28 affected by the impact of the tropical cyclone circulation, there are showers weather, coastal sea wind. The next seven days the maximum temperature of 28 to 31 degrees, the lowest temperature in the northern region of 16 to 18 degrees C, other regions of 18 to 20 degrees C. The principles of health of an autumnal equinox season, the most important thing is to go to bed early, but also to sleep well. Now the night is cool, without air conditioning, can comfortably go to sleep, to make up for lack of sleep in summer. Moreover, an important principle of "health Chun Sheng, summer, autumn and winter", "harvest" is to win their hearts, people sleep. Seeing the summer is over, but not to the typhoon in this season ready. Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that the next 10 days, the Northwest Pacific has generated a total of 2 typhoons, one of which will be after September 29th, which is about the national day before and after the impact of China’s Southeast coast. These two days, there was a typhoon in the Marshall Islands west of the embryo on the sea. If you continue to grow, it is likely to become this year’s No. seventeenth typhoon "catfish". From the current situation, "catfish" may be a strong typhoon, and it may be "Meranti", together with the strengthening of the subtropical high, the possibility of landing in China is not low. However, these are only preliminary judgment. After all, now the typhoon has not yet officially generated, after the development, growth, travel, there are many variables.相关的主题文章: