Eric Moo performance talent hanging eight minutes to perform the interpretation of the role of the s nibbuns

Eric Moo talent hanging open eight minutes playing six roles in the entertainment news show on the Tencent "behind the secret of the irony and ridicule, and sparked heated discussions friends, Eric Moo turned to television drama," the history of the highest value partner Yan, the largest eyes, the most spicy eyes "on Li Jing. Several typical TV drama routines were hilarious interpretation. In just eight minutes of performance time, Eric Moo, like the opening of the hanging of the interpretation of the different roles of the six, and the role of the ups and downs of the different roles of each of the six. Whether it is "nonsense routine" regret derailed male, calm swordsman male, "cruel slap slap in the face, male routines" or "only words routine" in words that half the truth, male, father undercover male male, he has perfect control. Eric Moo is just the right exaggeration of comedy, as well as the emotional expression in place, without showing his unusual talent. The TV drama "the typical routine" case selection is more accurate, so that the audience feel full, deep sympathy. For the "Wu style comedy" why the work has been to take the ironic line, Eric Moo said, in fact, is the hope that through the work of the transfer of positive energy, I hope the future of the film and television works can be more sincere little routine. Tribute to the classic old Qi Fasheng相关的主题文章: