Europa Intelligence Zagreb railway League 3 losing streak in the doldrums

Europa Intelligence: Zagreb locomotive 3 league defeats slump on Thursday 008       Europa       Henk VS of Zagreb locomotive       2016-08-26 02:00       team status: in the three big powers among Bijia League Henk are a team in the middle. The past few seasons, Henk is in the forefront of the League last season, they to the identity of the fifth end of Bijia League league. The new season of the Belgian Super League has been kicked off, Henk four in the League to get 7 points, the performance of law-abiding. In the previous qualifier, Henk eliminated Montenegro team win the Gerry rub, beat Ireland giants Kirk City, the performance is getting better. Is this game starting lineup: Bizuote de Omar Webster Tero, Eastbourne Fulaisenwu Rhonin Desa kowtow relles Taka SAMA buck Zagreb locomotive in the Croatia League has been their rivals Dinamo Zagreb pressure head. Therefore, the team attaches great importance to the European arena. After qualifying, Zagreb locomotive through three rounds of qualifying has severed by Rome, Rovaniemi and Poltava, to play in the Europa league. And for this, Zagreb locomotive League paid a painful price downturn, the new season of the 6 round of g a league team only got 2 points, at the bottom of the league, more recently three rounds the League three game losing streak. Is this game starting lineup: Chuck Barr BALIC May Saric Paljic Mu Sami Txiki Martin Naqi Hamish G Chi Faye Oli Maric "skin Venue: the game will be held in Henk’s home court Feinikesi stadium, the temperature is expected to match day 21 degrees, the weather is sunny. The two sides clash of history records: a week ago in the Europa League playoff first leg, Henk road and Zagreb locomotive 2:2 shake hands, in which Henk was leading 2:0, but the locomotive 10 minutes into two ball tied the score. Shengping Fu recommendation: negative @6.50 first leg home court 2:2 draw means the game even away from home, Zagreb locomotive only out to attack their opponents, fortunately, Henk is not very good defense team last season, Henk defender Kaba Seiller, seaman and Hamalaining all add special leave, the team’s defense there is a big problem, against Zagreb in the first leg, 10 minutes is the case of defensive collapse. The Gambling company of the game a ball low water price, the strength of both the handicap to overestimate the level, further increased by injection, Henk inexplicably hit. The Zagreb defence in Europe and the degree of attention and Henk’s own point of view, they never let out so deep dish, plus the mainstream European compensate negative compensate is low, the game may be so bold to blog wins. (AHA)相关的主题文章: