Every Time I Start Using A Contacts Manager Application I Soon Give Up Because It Takes Too Much -super bass

Software Every time I start using a contacts manager application I soon give up because it takes too much time and clicks just to enter data, and find it. But I need a contacts manager. I forget names, faces, phone numbers, context (Where do I know this person from? Yoga? PTA?) Most of the time I’m just staring at empty text boxes of data I never needed so did not fill them out (like pager number!?!). It seems like the contacts are managing me. Unlike a business contacts manager which contains a whole bunch of data, but tells little about my life, I need a personal contacts manager that is like a diary of my liaisons. I want to manage my contacts on my computer like I do in my mind, intuitively and personally. I also want to find people by their phone number and not just their name. Display their pictures, to remember who they are. And print the information, when I need to. Sam Contacts is a personal contacts manager by all means. It shows 90% more information than other contacts managers with less clutter because you only see what’s there and not what is missing. Unlike other contacts managers it gives you three ways to find what you’re looking for instead of one. It is optimized for easy searching by just a part of a name or a phone number. You can retrieve information quickly in many ways like tagging contacts or just typing. It lets you see where you contacts live and work, on a map within the application. You can even add a picture to a person or print you contacts and export them to PDF. You can add tags to people and SAM Contacts displays them according to their weight (number of contacts in a tag). That tells a story about whom you know, like, work with.. Sam Contacts is a personal contacts manager that, unlike other contacts managers, puts the emphases on You. Check it out at .samcontacts.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: