Fashion has the connotation of Chery Tiggo 3x 1.5L automatic type (video) jessica rabbit

Fashion has the connotation of Chery Tiggo 3X 1.5L automatic type recently, Chery launched a new small SUV (ginseng, tiger pictures, inquiry) 3X will be officially listed in November 15th, the new car will be launched 1.5L engine 6 models. 3X in the positioning than Tiggo Tiggo 3 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) more younger, more consistent with the young people’s aesthetic, and because the two models used in different platforms, so both shape and interior design are all different. As the Chery 2 strategy under the third models, the arrival of 3X tiger could continue predecessors legendary sales? Still worth looking forward to! 4AT gearbox still hey up? Chery 3x as Chery Tiggo 2 strategy under a new model, Tiggo 3X positioning entry-level compact SUV. Fashion, dynamic appearance, more in line with the tastes of young consumers. Across the net inside the chrome trim and headlight lines are connected, the more dynamic collocation honeycomb grille. The overall shape of the headlights were full of stereo feeling, the halogen light source lens collocation, width lamp design for light type. Both sides of the headlights with TIGGO logo, but also reflects Chery’s intentions for details. 3X is not equipped with front fog lamps, instead of the LED daytime driving lights vertical. Front bumper with a large area of black plastic and silver trim, so that the front styling more visual impact. The design of Chery Tiggo 3x double waist enhanced body side of the ruling, has a good visual effect. The 186mm minimum ground clearance, 23° approach angle and 25.9° departure angle, can guarantee a certain pass. Door handle and the body with the same color design, the top of the chrome trim. The double color rearview mirror integrates the steering lamp function, and has the functions of electric regulation and electric heating. The design style of double color matte five spoke petals form of the wheel and vehicle is also very in tune. Tire for Giti Comfort 228 series, the size is 20555 R16. The rear styling plump, chrome trim on the two sides of the connection tail increases the visual tension sense, tail adding to the tail of the car looks so alive. Taillight area is not large, but the internal LED band, in the light of the visual effect is very good. The rear bumper also uses two color collocation, very good with the front. The exhaust pipe is designed to be hidden, without damaging the integrity of the surrounding. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable. Interior styling and big brother Tiggo 3 is basically the same, but in order to cater to the aesthetic trend of the current mainstream, including in the control panel and the air outlet and the gear seat position such as adding decorative color, appears to be dynamic. The console is still a large area of hard plastic, but the introduction of imitation carbon fiber trim, really let the car feel a sense of upgrading. Fully open dashboard looks like a design, the central monochrome display can provide a wealth of traffic information. Really.相关的主题文章: