Fierce fighting in Mosul Islamic state with unmanned reconnaissance aircraft

Mosul fierce fighting Islamic state using unmanned reconnaissance data figure: local time October 24, 2016, qayyarah town in southern Iraq city of Mosul, Mosul continued to recover the war. An Iraqi family escaped from the war zone, behind them, the battlefield smoke clouds. Mosul fierce fighting Islamic state with unmanned reconnaissance aircraft battle of Mosul has entered the fourth week, the head of the Iraqi army strike force to enter Mosul from the East after the encounter of recalcitrant, extremist organization Islamic state (IS) with the sniper, rocket attacks and car bomb, Dutch act and other means to defend the positions, once Shirupozhu the troops in Iraq have slowed down the offensive. More than 12 Iraqi officers said the strike force that day in eastern Mosul and Alba Gia Cady SIA of residential area and the Islamic state militants fighting, and intends to hold the two position after a military target to advance down. IS use of UAV reconnaissance in frontline combat lieutenant colonel Zal al · Salim told the The Associated Press reporter: "this morning the fighting is very intense. We want to hold its ground in Asia and then he, Buckley attack area." Salim said, initially intended to strike force is surrounded by Buckley, temporarily not initiate the attack. He said: "there are three car loaded with explosives from Buckley towards our position is coming, we sent unmanned reconnaissance aircraft after the discovery of this situation, our tank fire destroyed the cars." Salim said, Islamic state is also using drones for reconnaissance, government forces found and shot down one of the drones. The Iraqi army said they recently from a number of Islamic state militants seized radios and other communication tools, and then follow it, defeat many enemy bomb attacks. They said, "the Islamic state armed with" the bridegroom "refers to a Dutch act bomber, and judging from the speaker’s accent, a number of armed personnel from Morocco, Algeria and other North African countries. U.S. military estimates, at present in the city of Mosul Islamic state militants about 3000 to 5000 people, with about 1500 to 2500 people outside the city defense. Humanitarian crisis aggravated Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq and the northern economic center, but also the Islamic state stronghold in iraq. By October 17th, Iraqi government forces and Kurdish, Sunni tribal militias and Shiite militia composed of various people in succession from four directions around Mosul. Among them, the eastern development led by army strike force the fastest, has entered the eastern city of Mosul. Because Mosul has always been Sunni dominated, parties prewar agreement, the north line of the West and the Kurdish armed Shiite militia hit outside Mosul, not into the city. Before the war, Mosul’s population reached 2 million, the current urban population is still about 1000000. Flowing from the north to the south end of the Griess River from Mosul through the city, the west is the old city, One divides into two., densely populated, dense buildings; the East is a new city, a relatively small population. According to the intelligence of the Iraqi army, ""相关的主题文章: