Fiesta Julias – Santa Ana, El

UnCategorized Central America is one of the best places where you can spend your time taking part in various festivities particularly in El Salvador. If you were to spend your vacation in El Salvador on July, there is this one event that you may want to attend to and it is called Fiesta Julias – Santa Ana, El Salvador. There is a cute town in El Salvador called Santa Ana. In this town, there is an annual festival that takes place from July 20th to 26th. The event runs through the whole month and there are a lot of interesting things to do throughout the festival. This festivity is in honor of their Patron Saint Santa Ana. Santa Ana is a colonial town that has beautiful old buildings and Gothic Cathedral. Those who are devoted to her and believe in her works pay homage to her through this particular festivity. The 6 days it lasts are filled with fun cultural events, street parades and religious masses. On the streets you will find lots of bands performing, mariachis and clowns also join the fun. It is a celebration for the whole family. So, if ever you’ll be bringing your family with you in El Salvador, this is one event for you to take part in and enjoy. There is also the coronation of the Festival Queen which one of the most highlighted event throughout the festivity. Also, colorful floats of beauty queens paraded the streets. This is the favorite event for the locals. There are even colorful clowns around together with entertaining musicians. You can as well take part in a fair with traditional games and enjoy eating local foods from various food stands available everywhere. This particular event in the town of Santa Ana takes several months of preparation just to make a successful month-long celebration not only for the locals to attend to but for visitors to enjoy as well. If you are searching for a unique event where you together with your friends or family members can experience how to celebrate festivities for patron saints, El Salvador is the place to be. With its small towns like for instance Santa Ana, you’ll be able to have a lot of things to do and make your vacation worthwhile. The beauty of the colorful parade as well as the participation of the local bands in town is worth your effort to get there. This is an event that you mustn’t miss in the month of July as you travel across Central America. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: