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Recently, Florida residents along the center of the State got another dose of natural disaster; a horrible tornado blasted through, killed 19 and injured dozens more. Most of the victims of the storm say they just cancelled insurance because of rising rates – few will get their property back most will go bankrupt. Everyday people in Florida talk about insurance. Do I have enough, Is my house covered, can I afford to buy health insurance? Floridians have had enough and vow to force Congress to fix Florida’s insurance problem. Rates for both property and health insurance have gone up considerably since Katrina hit the Gulf Coast 18 months ago – some premiums have more than tripled. Insurance carriers like State Farm were hit with billions of dollars in losses and one expert says, It’s now time for them to make up the difference. FLORIDA HEALTH NEWS FLASH How to find "Affordable Health Insurance" For Individuals and Families living in Florida Florida health insurance for individuals and families is relatively hard to find and most find coverage expensive or due to health conditions; not available at all. Health insurance rates have skyrocketed in the last few years in Florida, 21% of Dade county residents go without health insurance even though doing so puts you and your family at risk. (read the PDF version) — Adults younger than 35 are nearly twice as likely to be uninsured as adults 45 and older, according to a report by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Twenty-seven percent of young adults in their 20s have no health insurance, according to a poll conducted by USA Today and the National Endowment for Financial Education. Affordable health insurance plans are out there, you just have to know how to put the Internet to work for you. To find the best value in a health insurance plan you need to know that buying insurance policies direct from a "major carriers" without comparison WILL probably cost you. The best way to find a policy is to: Find a Florida Health Insurance Consultant FloridaHealthInsuranceWeb.com (recommended) Select the most cost-effective plans You can talk with a trained consultant – FREE! Be covered a lot sooner than you think! One other note on "Florida Health Insurance Web" — They provide Floridians with a total review of all available insurance plans, plus information about health insurance updated daily. Is It Affordable?? Finding affordable health insurance has never been easy; it is not "one size fits all." Depending on your current state of health, your budget, and individual needs, the best insurance for you may be far different than the best insurance for your friend or another family member. Now with rates so high, what do you do protect your family? Contact an expert insurance consultant and talk to them about your needs. They can show you all available policies, not just one policy from one carrier. A basic understanding of the various types of insurance that are available in Florida, and what each does and does not cover, can be helpful in determining which plan will work best for each person. Before you buy insurance for any purpose, a talk with a Florida health insurance consultant can save you literally thousands of dollars per year. Picking Policies Which policy to choose, how much deductible is right for me, are my prescription drugs covered; these are the things that are on most people’s minds when they look for health insurance. In Florida there are many insurance agents, selling their special type of health insurance policy. These policies vary from agent to agent, even in the same city, so the best bet is to search all available health insurance companies through a total insurance "provider" like: .FloridaHealthInsuranceWeb.com The first step in selecting health insurance is being knowledgeable about what each type of policy is, and what they cover. Traditional health insurance, also called "fee for service" or 80/20, is the type of insurance that most of us grew up with. With that type of health insurance, you are entitled to visit any doctor you choose, and the insurance company pays 80% of the bill. 80/20 Plans This (80/20) type of insurance offers the greatest flexibility, but carries the highest out of pocket expenses. One thing to remember…a deductible must be met before the insurance company will pay a dime. Another point to remember about buying health insurance; the lower your monthly premium, the higher the deductible will be. The insurance company usually reserves the right to cap payments if, in their opinion, the doctor’s fees are higher than what is thought to be "reasonable and customary" in your area. This is an excellent type of coverage to have if you become extremely ill and require a network of specialists, or if your medical bills are astronomical. Once your expenses for the year reach a certain level, the insurance company will take over and pay 100%. PPO & HMO Plans There are two basic types of managed care – HMO and PPO. With a Florida HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization, you pay a monthly premium in exchange for comprehensive medical care. There is usually a small co-payment for doctor’s visits (usually ranging from $5 to $25), and a somewhat higher co-pay or deductible is needed for hospitalization. The upside to this HMO Plan is: Your out of pocket expenses are significantly easier to predict and manage with an HMO rather than a fee for service plan. However, the downside of this plan is: an HMO introduces the concept of a "gatekeeper." In an HMO, you must choose a primary care physician. That doctor, working in tandem with a risk management insurance officer, will determine your access to specialists. Finally, a Florida HMO plan requires you to use doctors that are part of the Florida HMO’s network. If you travel a lot, be sure to find out what the provisions are should you require an out of network doctor. The other type of plan is the PPO. A PPO, or (Preferred Provider Organization), can be considered a blend of HMO and fee for service plans. You will choose a primary care physician in Florida, and generally use doctors that are part of the organization. However, a PPO lets you see doctors who are not part of the network for a somewhat higher fee. This increased flexibility is excellent for those who travel frequently, or for those whose current doctor is not a member of the organization. Health Savings Many other options exist for covering your medical expenses. A Health Savings Account allows you to set aside pre-tax dollars each month. Catastrophic insurance carries a low premium with a high deductible, and is designed to cover you if you develop a serious illness or injury. However, for the average consumer, the choice is generally between fee for service and managed care. All types of plans carry their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to understand what these are in order to make the right decisions for your family. Find out more about you available choices for health insurance from .FloridaHealthInsuranceWeb.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: