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Foreign media comment China Market: big city and small city Rainbow Night foreign media said, the latest China real estate bubble — the soaring price of the bubble rupture, will affect the whole world. According to the "New York Times" website reported on October 17th, China is at a dizzy price bubble. Average house prices in Shanghai have risen by nearly 13 a year earlier. Beijing and Guangzhou and other cities in the price of the house is not far away. Chinese consumers are scrambling to buy a house before government intervention and restrictions. Reported that China experienced the real estate boom and collapse. China’s richest people have been spreading to the outside world, from Long Island to Texas’s abandoned farms, in order to transfer money abroad. But economists warn that the current surge in house prices in China could be particularly difficult: it is accompanied by an increasing number of us debt. This year, long term mortgages, mostly mortgages, have soared in all official bank loans. As a few months ago, the main force in August new RMB loans are still individual housing loans, and business loan demand is still low-spirited. Most of these loans is a by-product of China appears to maintain economic growth lending binge, they are helping the rich, the middle class and the dream of owning a house for low-income people, but also the influx of investors and speculators. September 28th, China’s richest Wang Jianlin said that China’s current real estate market bubble is the biggest bubble in history. That could be bad news for the global economy. Many economists estimate that real estate and related fields, such as construction, cement production or furniture manufacturing – account for about 1/5 of China’s economic activity. If the bubble bursts, it may soon disappear. Reported that local regulators have been trying to cool the property market. In the past few weeks, local authorities have stepped up their efforts to tighten the housing market, according to economists at the China International Financial Corporation, an investment bank. However, in many cases, the buyer wants to make a move when policy allows. Hongkong "Daily" website published in October 18 entitled "the property to the inventory task" reported that the State Council launched in August this year, covering 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and the relevant departments of the State Council of the third major inspection. Judging from the current situation of supervision, the banking industry is facing rising financial risks, the property market to the arduous task of inventory and other issues, especially in the current three or four tier cities, especially in the high inventory of the county, the greater the difficulty to resolve. Reported that the property market is still arduous task to inventory, the banking sector is facing continuous exposure of non-performing loans, lack of effective protection of legitimate claims and other difficulties. The relevant departments are still studying illegal funds into the land market, do not rule out the window guidance policy even, thorough investigation of the housing prices by all kinds of information management plan, entrusted loans and other forms of capital distribution take place. A regulatory agency said that at present, all the control policy, only Shanghai city made clear: review of funds in the land market, housing prices for self funding, bank loans, trust funds, capital market financing and capital management plan with capital, insurance funds may not be used in.相关的主题文章: