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Foreign schools to retake a drop out of home: to read the right professional from foreign schools to retake a drop out of home returnees students right of professional "start from scratch" reporter Li Fang correspondent Chen Ling Zhang Yingtao originally studied medicine at abroad, read the third, regardless of the parents to return to the counter, read high re examination. Yesterday, at the Hubei University of Technology 2016 undergraduate students at the scene, the reporter saw a 23 year old returnees guy, he called Wang Chao (a pseudonym), is about to attend the school of electrical and electronic engineering. In order to read the ideal professional, I do not regret their choice. I’d like to start all over again, and I’ll be better off than before." Wang Chao said. From Beijing to foreign elite college wearing glasses, 1.8 meters tall Wang Chao, looks like ordinary students, but when he opened up and told us about his experiences, he found that compared with their peers, more mature and steady. These are not only because of their own way, but also with the family. Wang Chao from Beijing a Kochi family, my mother is a teacher, father is a well-known university in Beijing. In high school, Wang Chao wanted to go to medical school, hoping to help people in need. In early 2011, he received a letter of acceptance from the University of Manitoba, Canada, as parents wish to study nursing. The cost of going to college, to spend about 100000 a year, in order to let him have a better learning environment, parents also specifically for him in Canada to arrange the housing off campus. In May 2011, Wang Chao began living alone in a foreign country. Junior high school dropout admitted to the ideal of the beginning of the profession, he read the senior nursing profession, sophomore turn to nutrition. Although English is very good, but the medical terminology for him like mumbo-jumbo, only to save the class to check the meaning of each word, to know what the teacher said in class. The best exam results, but also get B+ (equivalent to the domestic 80-85 points), while the students are more than A. Reading in a foreign country for several years, and the class are not spoken, no Chinese students in his class, although also tried to students and language friends, Wang Chao feels that "do not melt into the circle". His school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when the winter is the coldest of minus more than and 40 degrees Celsius, the cold wind let Liu Chao feel more lonely. March 2015, Wang Chao returned home, and his family decided to participate in the college entrance examination. In addition to drop in Beijing in twenty-two when, the rest of the time at Tsinghua University (scores, professional settings) room "brush title". At first, mathematics can only test 30 points, then was about 50 minutes, until the first week of college entrance examination, Wang Chao will be able to stabilize at more than 100 points. The college entrance examination this year, Wang Chao was admitted to the Hubei University of Technology, "frustration is not what, as long as you can stand up and patted the soil, can still go the way of the future." Wang Chao said. For his son’s choice, Wang Chao father said yesterday that interest is the best teacher, they respect the child’s decision, but also believe that he will cherish this opportunity to learn, to achieve good results. English相关的主题文章: