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"Four famous" suitable for children to read it? Everyone should read the classics. But in different ages, the classic meaning is certainly not the same. From the perspective of parents and educators, Qin Chunhua raised this question: we recognize that the four great classics are classics, but is this classic really suitable for children? Four famous books or not suitable for children to read the first "Water Margin" and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". The two books in the Chinese is especially known to every family, "Three Kingdoms", even the illiterate old lady knows "sworn brothers" "Sangumaolu" and other stories. When I was young, every day at noon hurriedly ran home, the first thing is to turn on the radio to listen to Yuan Kuocheng our storytelling "Three Kingdoms". However, "do not look at the water margin, the old do not read the Three Kingdoms," the old saying has long been popular in the public. The water margin is full of luocaoweikou, Zhanshanweiwang raid homes and plunder houses. The young man full of sap, the mind will not be a suit; yet, with three schemes and intrigues, Machiavellian scheming, intrigues. "The old three is to read the thief", sophisticated old people after reading more and more sophisticated, old, crafty person. Such values and spiritual connotation, for adults have to guard against, let alone cannot distinguish right from wrong, vulnerable children! Arguably, "journey to the west" should be the most suitable for children to read. Tang Seng, Sun Wukong, pig eight quit, sand monk, as well as all kinds of supernatural demon image vivid, plot twists and turns touching, most likely to arouse the interest of children to read. However, this book is a fundamental Buddhism and life, the implied meaning is far-reaching broad, far from children can understand. The book can be seen everywhere in the "practice" and "Bodhi" "soul" and "Zen" and other words, implies a strong color of Buddhism, but most are not suitable for children to read. Finally, a dream of red mansions. This is known as the pinnacle of Chinese classical literature, in the history of world literature also enjoy a high status. The thought is profound, the text of the fine, high value of art, almost second to none. From the military and political leaders and scholars to master, small tradesmen and porters are obsessed with wild female. However, from an educational point of view, this book may not be suitable for children to read, especially in adolescence. First of all, although one thousand people on the "dream of Red Mansions" there are one thousand interpretations, but "color", "empty", "magic" and "destroy" the theme of the world recognized. For children, these ideas do not understand, or understand it will affect their future life expectations. Education should ignite the hope of the children and encourage them to pursue a better life in the future. Secondly, in accordance with the original intention of Cao Xueqin, described in the book of the community and the family step by step from downtown to collapse, and finally, a piece of white land is really clean". This is so sad, sad to the extreme cold to the bone marrow, it reveals the worldly life, but not necessarily have to cultivate children’s optimistic outlook on life; finally, the book about the description of the paragraph should not let the children early exposure. I am certainly not pedantic distinction, physical health class has been opened in the school. However, there is nothing wrong with the scientific understanding of the structure and nature of the human body, but it is literature相关的主题文章: