From the shore only win Liaozu Yanbian hope to complete a double play in Northeast Derby (video)

From the shore only win Liaozu Yanbian hope to complete a double play [] northeast Derby forward to stop the decline in Northeast China happy for Derby relegation in the twenty-sixth round of the September 24th Tencent sports game continues today, the afternoon started northeast Derby, Liaoning Hongyun home court against Yanbian Fu tak. Although the last round of the game, Liaozu Hengda swept away 2-6 was, but the home court sits as long as can win Liaozu advance ashore, and in Yanbian declare the relegation success, Pu Taixia’s mission is to lead the team to stop away defeat in a row. One point: one is the distant foot ashore after 25 rounds, the distant foot got 29 points, the distance from the relegation passing line is a victory. The Northeast derby at home court, distant target is to take away from Yanbian to advance ashore. Two things: being straight, hope to come back home court last week Liaozu two games a week, was Liaozu losing streak, first in the game to defeat 0-2 Guoan, away with the defending champion Evergrande showdown is Liaozu 2-6 defeat. But with Evergrande showdown, Liaozu suspended more than the main, James, and Vidosic, Asani Ujae play half ball, Ma Lin intentionally left force and Yanbian showdown. From only a distant shore victory point three: continue to resist the enemy had Liaozu Tiexi sits at the end of the season the last 3 home court, Liaozu Shenyang Olympic Sports Center will move to the enemy, but because after the Olympic Sports Center has experienced 12 strong matches, still does not meet the requirements of the game, Liaozu most after the 3 home court will continue to put stadium in Tiexi. It is worth mentioning that, except in the last week of the game 0-2 against the National Security Council, Liaozu this season in Tiexi for the remaining 6 games 5 wins, 1 unbeaten record, the team also has the confidence from Yanbian who got 3 points, so as to advance the confidence of the relegation. There are four things: Yanbian Liaozu general misses Sun Shilin because of Yilmaz Liaozu, the middle finger, the football association was suspended for an additional 4 games, and Ni Yusong in battle and Hengda booked, resulting in the game accumulated 4 yellow cards. But Yanbian also has the player can not play, defender Nicola is still in a suspended period, in addition to the continued absence due to injury than Yin garland. Aspect five: revenge or Yanbian beat Liaozu Super League teams in the history of the fight for the first time, Liaozu 1-4 away defeat to Yanbian, promoted in the face to eat such a lost war, back to the home court is to get revenge on the distant foot. As for Yanbian, if the current can take the distant foot, will be the first time since they raised in a team to complete a double play. Yanbian double play Liaozu six things: Yanbian hope to stop the road around Yanbian is more than the typical home court dragon team, on the road in a complete mess record 12 League, after 1 wins 2 flat 9 negative, is superior in most sessions the losing team on the road. Against Yanbian on the road again before the distant foot, eat to 3 losing streak record, 3 games only scored 1 goals but lost the ball 6, but lost to the National Security Council, is not the enemy sub Taihe Lifan two echelon team, Liaozu and confront each other, Pu Taixia also hope to stop the team away losing streak. (bar)相关的主题文章: