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G20 fine cooking "cooperation meal" global economic governance – China news agency Xinhua learn widely from others’strong points in August 25 Beijing Xinhua: G20 fine cooking "new cooperative dishes" reporter Zhu Fangfang in the global economic governance learn widely from others’ strong points G20 opening soon, the host will put what kind of "feast" in order to make the party look. The summit was held in Hangzhou, China launched a feast is deep inside, full of power to help hang dishes". The fusion development of Hangzhou cuisine and learn widely from others’strong points in skill. Pay attention to a fusion of spices and ingredients, on the other hand, pay attention to taste fresh and salty, so diners like Yi Bo south. As an important platform for global economic governance, G20 should not only take into account the needs of all parties, but also to fully absorb the experience and recommendations of countries, in order to be satisfied with all dishes. The adjustment, need for countries with the tacit understanding, more need to host "and" wisdom. Chinese held G20, as foreign home court emphasizes "the hospitality of a host, good integration, learn widely from others’strong points leader" role. G20 shoulder the responsibility of continuing to promote the process of globalization, so that countries return to open cooperation. China’s role is both an activist and an advocate. China is already the world’s largest trading nation, the economy maintained rapid growth, is the main driving force of the global economy. The summit, China advocated the concept of "coordinated development", is to get rid of barriers, safeguard the multilateral trade mechanism, build win-win global value chain. Chinese will urge the G20 to become a platform to share the wisdom and plan. Fine fire slow stew Chinese wisdom, keep cooked is a common practice to help hang vegetables. For example, fish soup, make minced fish mud, for a period of time, stir Shaofei, to change a small fire slowly "pop", in order to ensure the clear, pure and fresh fish. Governing a large country like cooking a small fish. Global governance under the framework of G20 is even more so. G20 summit involves many aspects of global economic governance, is a huge, complex and lengthy project. At present, the member states have submitted their own medium-term growth roadmap, but the parties focus on different, if not coordinated, may lead to zero sum game". In the face of disputes, China’s wisdom is to build a global economic coordination system with the spirit of equal consultation. G20 members not only have developed economies and developing countries and emerging market countries, equal consultation to help member States fully sound, to listen, to find the common denominator. In addition to the official communication platform, the need to play the role of civil society organizations to resolve complex contradictions. G20 mechanism under the framework of dialogue and exchanges between think tanks, business, youth, to empathy, enhance mutual trust. At present, G20 is in transition, from crisis response to long-term governance mechanism transformation, transition from cyclical policy to structural reform, the goal of G20 has become more long-term, but also the need for fine fire slow simmer patience. The innovation of power sharing experience hangbangcai to timeless, cheats is innovation. The representative dishes, Stir-fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves, Hangzhou chrysanthemum chicken, are cross mash, but do not have the charm. The current G20, innovation imperative. Last round of science and technology and相关的主题文章: