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Internet-and-Business-Online Get website traffic!You’ve read about this for many times. Through your researches about starting a business online you found out that creating traffic for your website is important to let your business be known. Just like any other stores or businesses offline, "traffic" is the people who may be passersby, curious shoppers, window shopper and potential shoppers who visit your store every day. Inquiring and looking around for something they need. At most, businesses that have these types of customers in a day make 70-80% sales from all types of store visitors. However, this percentage still depends on what type of products your store has. In essence, your website is your store and the people who .e in and out of the store are your visitors or your website traffic. Unlike a store, it is visible and people can easily know that your business is exists. However, for a website, you have to let the people know that your website exists. You can do this through promoting your website using free online classified ads or hiring someone to promote your business online. There are various methods that you can maximize. On the other hand, there is one method .monly used by marketers. This method uses search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. People will find your website through search engines through the use of keywords. Without these keywords your website might get lost in these search engines. So it is important to optimize the use of keywords into your website for search engines to match these keywords. Other methods include strategy that involves interaction with other online marketers. Leaving a .ment or joining a forum in .municating. Basically, these methods are creating "karma" which means what you do to others will do unto you. So it is like building friendship that eventually a .munity that helps each other in order to get website traffic for each member. These strategies may include .menting, voting and bookmarking and participating in social networking sites. Social networking sites are great source of traffic. In this case, get through .munication to let your business be known. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: