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Golden week is a park open in 3 million 300 thousand   this year the number of walkers is slightly lower than in previous years   – Beijing channel — original title: golden week is a park welcoming 3 million 300 thousand newspaper news (reporter Zuo Ying) today is the last day of the National Day Golden Week holiday, see the morning reporter in the city park management center of the big screen monitor, misty rain the weather and the lower temperature makes people slightly sparse garden today, even in the individual area can see the staff of more than the tourist scene. It is reported that during the National Day holiday, 11 municipal parks and Garden Museum million workers and thousands of volunteers to park all the posts, to give up the holiday, to provide services for Chinese and foreign tourists civilization, civilization, civilization leading lead, today they also during the "Golden Week" last post". According to the city park management center statistics, this year’s golden week is a park welcoming a total of 3 million 300 thousand people affected by the holiday for a few days of adverse weather conditions, this year the number of walkers slightly lower than in previous years. Tourist attractions of the park is still a veritable Holiday Park hot areas, including the Summer Palace, Tiantan, zoo holidays have appeared in a single day tourists break 100 thousand people. According to statistics, Beijing Holiday Garden, Chinese and foreign tourists? People, is the three main groups of students, and this year outside visitors increased significantly, passenger traffic increased by nearly 40%. In an interview with reporters found, and in previous years is slightly different, peak period of several hot parks are extended to 4 pm, in real time monitoring of the number of park visitors the highest peak appeared at about 4 pm, such as 3, 5, 4 pm? Real time in the garden number as high as 200 thousand people belonging to 11 parks and China garden museum. In addition, this year’s National Day Holiday Garden activities pay more attention to the mix, "historical culture + garden ecological civilization" has become the mainstream, such as the Summer Palace, Tiantan scenic area of Osmanthus exhibition rose exhibition, Beihai park main attractions, Zhongshan Park chrysanthemum dahlia, Jingshan Hill Park peony season etc.. Mix not only meet the outside visitors needs, but also to meet the people of Beijing to enjoy the autumn autumn flower needs. According to statistics, this year’s national park the most popular tourist attractions include: the Summer Palace, TOP10 of the seventeen hole bridge; Tiantan echo wall, qiniandian; Jingshan Hill Park Chunting million panda, Monkey Mountain Zoo; Beihai park; Qionghua island; Xiangshan Park Xianglufeng; Zhongshan Park wusetu. Relevant responsible person said that the city park management center, the number of tourists every day National Day holiday this year is relatively more stable, the Peak Garden planned for 3, 4, two days before and after the holiday this year is the extension of a day in 2 to 5 days, every day visitors are approaching, remain in the 500 thousand to 600 thousand people, even the first day Golden Week holidays and the last two days, the amount of the tourists are around 400 thousand people. In addition, the five expansion measures this year municipal park effect: one is to increase the ticket window expansion; two is located? Admission channel and isolation and export regions; three is the center view and focus on the road setting single line; four is the garden of Neimen district area, road, all open Wheelchair Access; five is to increase the scene to divert the. Especially during the holidays相关的主题文章: