Graduation season, we go to the grasslands of the lake, such as migratory birds fly back! – Sohu tra rainlendar

Graduation season, we go to the grasslands of the lake, such as migratory birds fly back! Sohu travel in Indonesia after 15 days of sun drying, I chose from the end of the Bali Island non-stop flight to Beijing, waiting for the night of Beijing direct flights to the capital of Ulan Bator, Mongolia. This time I go to Mongolia all obviously, but the hair is an Indonesian volcano Shengsheng to completely shattered me to see the Nadam grassland Festival! Light!! I still have to go! Nothing can stop my plan, what about the ash! How the wood! I want to go to the prairie sheep! Baa ~ 65 country go ~ ~ Mongolia prairie, here I come! Flight arrived in Ulan Bator on a timely basis, Chinggis Khaan International Airport is a good little cute, two floor departure hall has UnionPay ATM. Take the 180000 mask, fees spent 50. Pick up the jeep on the door waiting for me. Start a road to the west, gallop in Mongolia! Suvda (Mongolia wizard) said she was my three meals a day, I manage their snacks mouth is good, so we went to Mongolia’s largest hypermarket in Ulan Bator near Nomin. So I buy buy buy, do not stop, finally closing only 44000 to montu!!! RMB 130 or so, including figure produced in Mongolia, vodka! Or label gold oh! Mongolia Nadamu opened two days, second days of horse racing. 2 years old, 4 years old level, each level is divided into 5 ranks, the fun is even run the last one horse also award, to encourage second years of efforts, ha ha! Although the volcano stopped me from watching the opening ceremony of Nadamu, at least second days to Kharakrom on the road, I saw the morning of 12 in the Hui DOLOON hudag racing scene just a batch shipped back to the capital of the horse, Mongolia horse in high and vigorous spirits! Mongolia’s buuz dumplings, sheep meat stuffing, the other important during the holiday season, there will be fried buuz, next to the Mongolia Milky tea. I told the wizard quipped: This is why ~ white style steak is rare, fried light color is medium, that is well done deep to suddenly see so many Baa Baa so excited! The herdsmen have 500 sheep, sheep goats, has just finished milking them, see the weather is so good, let go to let mothers go out, and then next to the little lamb also like a swarm of bees out, Baa Baa to find his mother milk, the scene is too funny, ha ha! Stay here tonight. There is a hot shower, a stove, there are WiFi, as well as Mongolia aunt sister to cook for me! Today I went to Mongolia, the ancient capital of Karakorum two of the most interesting places. Museum Kharakrom. Don’t look at it. Hold the goods are less than a wooden coffin, everything else is genuine, including the famous deer Shitian相关的主题文章: