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Griffin 18+10 and Paul 9+9 won two straight win over the Clippers home court sir – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record of Beijing on October 31st news, the new NBA regular season to continue. The Clippers at home court after four day battle to win over the Jazz 88-75, 2 wins. The four section of the specific score for 22-19, 13-23, 21-27 and 19-19 (Jazz in the front). The Jazz team here, Hill had a team high 18 points and 3 assists and 2 steals, dantay Ike Sam had 10 points and 2 assists for. The Clippers here, Rivers scored a team high 19 points, Griffin had 18 points and 10 rebounds, Crawford 12 points, Paul 9 points and 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals. The first section has just started, Paul hit three outside, the Clippers start leading 9-5. In game 12 all, jazz gradually reverse the situation. The first section of Harding Park, the jazz to lead 22-19 clippers. 7 minutes before the time, the Jazz 31-27 lead, but then the Clippers played 5 minutes 15-4 attack wave, one counter ultra score. The end of the first half, the Clippers to lead 42-35 jazz. After the start of the third quarter, the Clippers scored 7 points 14 points ahead. Johnson sent seconds pass, Goebel hands buckle. In this section, the Clippers maintained two digit advantage. Three zhanba, the Clippers to lead 69-56 jazz. With the Clippers continue to control the initiative, before the end of the game 4 minutes 22 seconds, Paul hit the jumper, the Jazz 20 points behind the powerless. Finally, the Clippers home court easily win. Jazz starting: Joe Johnson, Boris Dior, Rudi – Goebel, George – Hill, Rodney – Hu De clippers first: Luke – Richard – Blake – Griffin, Moute, deandre Jordan, Chris Paul, Reddick JJ- (Jim)相关的主题文章: