Haidian school district housing market point of the end of the high-end hardcover 3-5 iron fold 1050 ghost observer

Haidian school district housing market point O iron high-end hardcover 3-5 in fold 105000 [Abstract] Beijing has the best education resources in Haidian District District, is Curve Wrecker together, you want to let their children become Curve Wrecker, see come quickly. Haidian Beijing Investment Development · Kun Yufu (real estate information) adjacent iron hardcover three to five in the average price of 105000 real estate development investment Tencent news Beijing · Kun Yufu project is located in the South and delicate road landianchang the northwest corner of the intersection, Metro Line 6 and line 10 transfer station cishou temple station. The development of · Kun Yufu No. 18 in the sale of a total of 18, 4 units, 2 ladder 2, apartment layout area is 156-205 level three to five ranks (apartment layout can refer to K and L M, apartment layout apartment layout apartment layout), the average price of 105000 yuan square meters, fine decoration, hardcover standard for 8000 yuan square meters, the project property for 70 years, before the December 31, 2018 launch, property fee is 4.8 yuan per square metre * month, the volume rate of 1.58, greening rate of 60%. Tencent Beijing Haidian real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721064 the development of · Kun Yufu view details of the average price of 105000 yuan square meters of residential real estate education to improve library | the latest 400-819-1111 610051 Kun Yufu occupy the heart of the city is extremely scarce land resources. At the same time, Linglong park adjacent to the pool can not be replicated in natural resources, and the surrounding high-grade community surrounded by natural and humanistic environment is superior; in Haidian District enjoy perfect high-end facilities at the same time, as the rail transit complex project, public transportation is very convenient. The development of "·" "" "click to view the Beijing investment; Kun Yufu comments above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. Beijing has the best school district educational resources in Haidian District, but also to learn tyrants gathered in the land, you also want to make their children to learn tyrants, and quickly look at it. Haidian yuan · Haidian masterpiece (property information) adjacent iron transparent Sanju is expected by the end of 2016 opened the Tencent real estate news · yuan; Haidian Fushilu Dinghui masterpiece is located in Haidian District West Road intersection with the northwest side of Tamura, from line 1 Yuquanlu Road station about 2 kilometers, the project around the convenient traffic, near the Beijing expressway is one of the six the fudanlu, adjacent to the Tin Road, dry river road. Haidian court masterpiece project two 3, building 5, is expected by the end of 2016 opening, the opening is expected to price range 80000-100000 Yuanping, 2 units of the launch of the 3, building 5, 12 layers, 1 ladder 1, 155 level, 188 level apartment layout sanju. Concessions, property fees to be determined, 70 years of property rights, is expected to enter the two phase in December 31, 2017. > > > join the Tencent Beijing Haidian real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 154721064 yuan · Haidian masterpiece view details of the lowest price of 80000 yuan square meters of ecological livable residential buildings.相关的主题文章: