Hang Lung properties caused by construction of 4 buildings become dangerous hundreds of residents ho jessica rabbit

Hang Lung properties caused by construction of 4 buildings become dangerous hundreds of residents homeless according to today’s report user report: Wuhan Guangzhou behind 66 estate construction digging had dug up four floors underground, leading across four buildings tilt, wall cracks and other phenomena, the survey said is or may sink, between lived a lifetime of housing overnight became dangerous!!! What happened: Hang Lung Group for construction lead to the opposite house damaged, residents have been identified as dangerous notice, immediately let the residents move out, the first batch of residents were advised to leave the hotel arrangements, but no commitment is come back? Follow up all treatment programs are not clear! In the neighborhood of coordinated, taking into account the issue of personal safety, the first batch of 3 days to evacuate the residents moved to the hotel, the hotel is only 66 arrange arrangement to No. 29, in an instant, National Day is approaching, the whole building residents!! We as the second batch of required to evacuate residents, the first day was 28 days notice to move away from the dangerous, said to demolitions, claiming that water and electricity breathe, has made a part of the wall, residents unite, never move! Don’t stop the meeting, non-stop mobilization, living arrangements 120 yuan standard hotel, a 200 yuan a month to eat, rent by 40 dollars. And did not see the identification of dangerous book…… Living in the hotel does not solve the fundamental problem. We are all reasonable people, given a reasonable solution, we will work together to repair the housing? Or demolition? Residents how to properly arrange? Instead of lying to you first, then directly! Tonight, we have not moved away, downstairs is still building up the wall overnight, the opposite side of the real estate construction is still overnight, not for our personal safety? Once the construction, the foundation will be more unstable, why not stop it? Related video Shanghai: Hang Lung Plaza facade transformation provoke controversy相关的主题文章: