Hangzhou 1 men do not care about the lower body pain affected the fertility kimi wo omou melodi

Hangzhou 1 men do not care about the pain of the disease affected the birth of the child since the release of the full liberalization of the two child policy, to the hospital to see more male infertility. Reporters learned from the Affiliated Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Zhejiang University School of medicine, the current average daily outpatient volume of 180 – 200 passengers, before the time was more than and 150. What are the causes of male infertility? Men in peacetime should pay attention to what? In China men’s health day to the end, the reporter has interviewed the deputy director and deputy director of Institute of Zhejiang University and Zhang Fengbin male physicians and hospital of Zhejiang province Zhongshan andrology of TCM Sun Jie. Chronic epididymitis will cause azoospermia Mr. Shen this year 40 years old, and his wife had fathered a child. A few years ago, he felt his testicles suddenly a little pain, to the hospital with some anti-inflammatory drugs, the pain will ease, and did not care. After the release of the two child policy, he and his wife plan to have a child, but tried more than half a year has not been pregnant. To Zhejiang University Women hospital examination, found no sperm in the semen of his. "Mr. Shen azoospermia is caused by epididymal obstruction leads to chronic epididymitis." Zhang Fengbin explained that the epididymis is the only way of sperm, but also the development of sperm, mature ‘cradle’. Because of its rich nutrient solution, but also an excellent place for bacterial reproduction. The secretion of bacteria can lead to the formation of adhesions and obstruction of the epididymis, affecting the discharge of sperm." He mentioned that the epididymitis is a common disease of young adults, and the main diet, health habits, such as eat spicy spicy food, have redundant prepuce and phimosis phenomenon but not pay attention to personal hygiene. "Like Mr. Shen, the symptoms of acute epididymitis but did not take it seriously and thoroughly cure may turn into chronic epididymitis." Zhang Fengbin reminded, when men have a sense of pain, scrotum dropping, lower abdomen and groin with pain, while standing or walking aggravated symptoms, we should pay attention to in clinic. The prepuce and phimosis phenomenon is more serious to the hospital treatment in a timely manner, and usually have to pay attention to personal hygiene. In the end, Zhang Fengbin gave Mr. Shen an operation. The operation was successful, Mr. Shen finally became a father again. Men in the best 45 years of age before birth Zhang Fengbin told reporters: in the clinic, patients over the age of 40 accounted for 1/5, the oldest of the age of 65. Most of the decline in the quality of sperm is more serious, only some people can be improved through drugs, most still need to achieve the adoption of assisted reproduction." In terms of fertility, women 35 years of age or older belong to the category, while men generally 40-45 years of age or older. Zhang Fengbin said that with age, male physical strength, sexual function and sperm quality are declining. Some men are mentally and physically exhausted because of delays let love lead to pregnancy, induced by physical and psychological diseases and family conflicts. At the same time, the risk of birth defects is greatly increased in older men. Studies have shown that men over 44 years of age, the probability of abnormal sperm chromosome up to 13%. Abroad also found that, with the aging of men, their children suffering from mental.相关的主题文章: