Hebei boys fall deep track rescue has not yet found signs of life throughout the night noiseware

Hebei boys fall deep wells tracking: rescue has not yet found signs of life throughout the night – in November 8th, dozens of excavators around the wellhead rescue work. The Xinhua news agency as the night fell again, a thrilling rescue has lasted more than 50 hours. As of press time last night, in the rescue of the mining machinery has been increased to more than and 80, and is still in the non-stop work, people have only one purpose: to find the boy fall into the well at noon on November 6th. The boy fall well abandoned wells 40 meters deep Chinese according to the voice of "news" reported the evening peak, at 11 in the morning 6 days, Hebei Baoding Lixian County Bangladesh Changcun a 5 year old boy followed his father to Chinese cabbage, accidentally dropped about 40 meters deep well. 5 year old boy named Cong Cong, Grandpa Cong Cong said, on the morning of 6 children followed his father to their own land to dig the cabbage, ready to go home after digging, agricultural tricycle won’t start, as people come and help launch, during this period the grandson and his sister playing on one side no one care. Cong grandpa said: "after the tricycle to call others shook, his father looked back without him." According to Cong father introduced, after a search, found not far from the ground with a head, look down deep. The wells have been abandoned, the depth of about 40 meters, diameter of only 35 cm, and no underground water. Originally, the abandoned wells above the sealed lid, probably because after harvest land tillage, the manhole cover to open the mouth, also covered with straw. Because the wellhead is too narrow, can not see below whether someone, can not go down to rescue. Don’t give up the convergence of love turns into Cong father dialed 110. Lixian County Public Security Bureau in 110 and Meng Changcun cadres, quickly dispatched rescue personnel rushed to the scene. After receiving the report, the local government immediately launched the emergency plan, the organization of public security, fire, medical personnel, are in the past. Lixian County county hospital doctor Liu Yawei said they arrived after the start to pump oxygen into the dry well. "We were 24 hours a shift, two ambulances." The boy fell into the well spread 40 meters after the news from all sides, love to start gathering. Blue sky rescue team has sent more than 30 players. Baoding Boye open excavator driver Liu Bei to rescue the situation, sent to a circle of friends, Shandong Dezhou 6 open excavator counterparts to see immediately after the situation over time, "come to relief." These days, it is very cold in the evening, around zero degrees Celsius, excavator driver has been shift, no stop. With the depth of digging deeper and deeper, more and more difficult. Through professional HD life detection equipment, rescue workers in the underground about 37 meters to find a children’s toys, but did not find traces of boys. Reporters followed the exploration team to the bottom of the wells were detected, there is still no sign of life, but rescue workers said they would not give up. Encounter difficulties mining surface cracks occurred in an old place in the river, the ground is loose sand, very prone to collapse. In order to avoid the occurrence of the two accident, had to repeatedly expand the operating pit to nearly one hundred meters in diameter, the amount of earthwork excavation site is very large, leading to difficult rescue work. 7 days under the smell相关的主题文章: