Hebei post-80s female artist killed herself yesterday and suffered from depression (map)-diamondprox

Hebei 80 female artist died yesterday Dutch act depression (Figure) Sun Shaokun in September 22nd, after 80 female artist Sun Shaokun died because of depression Dutch act. In her interview she said frankly: "contemporary art is not intended to please the audience, but caused by reflection." Sun Shaokun (1980-2016), born in Hebei, Baoding, graduated from Chinese Painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. Her work involves image, painting, art and other forms of creation. The works are the "tree of life", "sex", "female", has participated in many domestic and international art fairs and art festival in the "body" and so on. The artist has nearly two years in the "popular" European tour, "art natural marvelous" Italy World Expo China women’s Invitational, "evil" of Beijing contemporary feminist art exhibition etc.. When people give female art groups labeled as "feminist" hat, Sun Shaokun repeatedly stressed that their study is the relationship between natural gender and gender power. In the "tree of life" series of works, the artist that people should have a more profound relationship with nature, more intimate, a circle of love from the field in the world.

河北80后女艺术家昨日自杀身亡 患抑郁症(图) 孙少坤   9月22日,80后女艺术家孙少坤因抑郁症自杀身亡。在生前的采访中她曾坦言:“当代艺术的目的不是取悦观众,而是引发反思。”   孙少坤(1980-2016),生于河北保定,毕业于中央美术学院国画系。她的作品涉及影像,绘画,行为艺术等多种形式的创作。其作品有《生命之树》、《性》、《女性》、多次参加国内外艺术博览会以及行为艺术节的《身体》等等。艺术家近两年参加有“不受欢迎者”欧洲行为艺术巡演、“天然奇瑰”意大利世博会中国女性邀请展、“姦”北京当代女权主义艺术展等。   当人们给女性艺术群体扣上“女权主义”的帽子时,孙少坤一再反复强调,自己探讨的是自然性别与权力性别的关系。在《生命之树》系列作品中,艺术家认为人应该是跟自然有更深刻、更亲密的关系,从世界的能量场里得到一种爱的循环。相关的主题文章: