Heilongjiang bulletin 7 cases from the destruction of the development environment g-area meru

Heilongjiang bulletin 7 from the destruction of the typical cases of the development of the environment recently, the provincial Environmental Affairs Office severely punished a number of cases of destruction of the development of the environment, and severely investigated the relevant personnel responsibilities. From now on, will be on the typical cases and accountability for public notification to the positive discipline, as an example. All localities and departments to deploy in accordance with provincial environmental remediation work on development decisions, strictly positive wind Su Ji, heavy check illegal rectification, effectively optimize the development environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, to further boost the economic development of Longjiang. A Harbin City Land Bureau, the station staff Wu Yuanku bribery case in March 2011, the Harbin Municipal Bureau of land levy station staff Wu Yuanku of Harbin Daoli District Friendship Village Qunli rural land acquisition process, knowing that the village collective 2, 3, 4, 10, and shed not planting Aralia elata under the condition of false certification, the first payment of 299 thousand and 920 yuan of land compensation in accordance with the provisions, and accepting the village Kim commissions 200 thousand yuan. At present, Wu Yuanku for accepting bribes, was sentenced to 5 years in prison, and was given discharged from public action; leadership responsibility, levy station Liu Yu, deputy chief Sun Jingchao, were given administrative warning. Two, Duerbote Mongolian Autonomous County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau staff negligence cases from August 2010 to December of the same year, Duerbote Mongolian Autonomous County Bureau of Employment Agency Bureau of employment guidance package by orgnaization of stocks former chief Zhiming flexible employment subsidies position convenient, false laid-off list, defrauding 244 thousand and 828 yuan of funds for personal use. From May 2009 to early 2010, Daqing Shirengou fishery company original labor member Wang Baochun used his position to facilitate the flexible employment subsidies for the employees of the company name to apply for subsidies 137 thousand and 883 yuan, accounted for by the company after the withdrawal, not issued to the employee. Bai Hua, former director of the County Bureau of human resources and social employment bureau of the above two cases failed to perform the review, verification, regulatory responsibilities, resulting in the loss of flexible employment insurance subsidy of $382 thousand and 700. At present, Duerbote Mongolian Autonomous County Bureau of employment agency, former director of the Bureau of Bai Hua was convicted of the crime of dereliction of duty, exempted from criminal punishment, and was given 1 years probation, administrative demotion; employment guidance shares of former chief Bao Zhiming was sentenced to 11 years in prison, and was given expelled from the party, dismissed from punishment; Wang Baochun was sentenced 10 years of imprisonment, and was given expelled from the party, expelled. Bear director and Secretary of the leadership responsibility the County Labor Bureau, Party branch, deputy director of the people club Bureau Wang Lirong, was given the party warning; for the county leadership responsibility of the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Agency Bureau Sun Zhihui, was given the party warning. Three, La Madian Town, Daqing City Ranghulu village prosperity and chaos as of May 2013, Lama Dian Zhen Village District prosperity Ranghulu in the case without the approval, illegal requisition of forest farm construction market. After the administrative punishment of the forestry department, the forest land was not restored according to the requirements of the administrative penalty decision. In addition, in May 2015, Ranghulu District Agriculture and Forestry Bureau found in the supervision, Japan相关的主题文章: