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Hi, England. Hello! Sohu – tourism Hello, sorry, not March. It is said that the public platform for the imperial army against the false reading information. Simply, I only produce genuine original, and then came back. Fortunately, you are still in. I write my travel notes, you see or love do not see, the two sides you love I would like to do things, do not seek fame and fortune. Go to England, you can talk about a few preface. The British Empire, instantly thought of the best old silk? Xu Zhimo, acid account, Wen Qing, pushing the glasses with a few drops of tears, heave great sighs about Cambridge, he must be about the affair. Some ink is the imaginary artistic conception, brew is a Hainan pickled bamboo shoots taste, sour stink is very delicious, for example, "I left quietly, as quietly as I came here, my sleeves, do not take a cloud." Come, go, get so ambiguous, is a complete master sister liao. He is studying in British Cambridge, full of woman, such as "I am a cloud in the sky, occasionally projection on the wave of your heart. The discourse is very classic, listening to always in love and love again, for example, ‘do not ask you to love me, but in my most beautiful years, meet you With a blast of silk, I flew to london. Eventually, however, it was found that London did not grow into England. I said I see the essence of England, you are not afraid of the beep. It is because everyone in the minds of the wonderful, mostly different. I think England is from the cold wind blowing over the Scotland border; high fragrant smell of pure single malt whisky; each is hovering in the castle was ghost raider, is "outlander" in the boundless magnificent scenery. The more down to earth is Shakespeare and Dickens students in the rural dwelling house writer, in the quiet fields Huibi, comfortable taste, is a nest in a pile of hundreds of years of life in the building. Finally, covered with a table of English literature across the Strait of Dover, poisoned the world. Ask me London is good, the sauce, and New York than. I ask the wind, not the wild wild? In the broad, not telling, the most beautiful scenery is in the narrow road, photos and text will never be able to see only their own interpretation. Then, pat his head to regret, while young, should not go to the distant Alaska. I asked the British country style is not imaginary sweet? Namely。 Be a man, if you get the travel of this disease, basically is to look at the TV look at the photos to see the book, and then practice, to the scene to see. A little more serious, come back and brag. The Sky Boat Song from the melodious bagpipes and the car poured out, sour music witness is beautiful Scotland mountains and the tragic history of the bearded skirt is strange talk rapidly Scotland English pronunciation, intonation way to sink to the bottom of tongue, such as ox hair like many "Gasiduo" (Castle), such as "Hey, Granny bindings Long Qu" (History). At the end of Isle Of Skye, eating delicious fat Haihong; pedestrians and vehicles across the ferry pier, enough to see a lifetime of different levels of green, tired of the sheep all over the mountains and plains on "Harry Potter;相关的主题文章: