Hollywood star brewing tequila pretty rhythm

Hollywood star brewing tequila many industry personnel predicted that the next five years, tequila and whiskey will become the fastest growing and most popular wine products. Many celebrities, from George · to Justin; Clooney, · Timblerlake, are chasing the fashion of tequila. So, whether you are in the selection of holiday gifts, or just want to own Duzhuo, these Hollywood star brand of tequila will be on your mind. Patró n Patró n is the nation’s second popular tequila. This iconic brand was created by Paul, the star hairdresser, · and Mitchell in 1989. Sauza 901 Justin · Timblerlake is a tequila fanatic. According to his website, over the past few years, he created a high-quality tequila brand Sauza 901. Also, the price of Sauza 901 is very close to the people, a bottle of wine for $30, is a high quality and inexpensive choice. Casamigos is a small batch production, very high quality tequila brand, by George · and Clooney Casamigos; Rand · Archibald (Cindy · Crawford’s husband founded). This year, this product spleen has been a lot of professional appreciation of the recommendations, but also harvest a lot of loyal fans. Besado’s latest Besado packaging has received widespread attention from the industry, the hip-hop singer Bow Wow brand name has been peer T-Pain, Juicy J and Fetty Wap joint recommendation. DeLeó n singer Diego and Diddy is tequila fans. As a result, they set up a DeLeó n brand, the pursuit of high-quality wine tasting experience. Previously, Diddy has dabbled in wine business, two times over this time, he is more mature. "The previous Cî ROC, just a date with me in this field. Now DeLeó n, is a formal marriage; I and agave. The establishment of this brand will bring more high-quality tequila, will let me become a brand owner." Diddy said. Bonita this famous brand was founded by Chris · Brown. Its iconic gorgeous appearance of the $99 bottle of tequila. However, many people regret that it is difficult for us to find it on the market.相关的主题文章: