Hsu Chi Wang Qianyuan forgetful village exposure notice playing amnesia ppbox

"Hsu Chi Wang Qianyuan" forgetful village trailer exposure play amnesia     Sina Shaanxi, directed by Chen Yuxun, Li Lie, Ye Rufen, Wang Qianyuan, Hsu Chi] producer, starring Chang Hsiao Chuan, Eric Tsang and Yang Ning? Especially in fantasy comedy "forgetful village" released "Lotus" version of the pilot notice. The exposure of the pilot notice secret "forgetful village" that can make people forget the fantasy village, Hsu Chi and sometimes dressed in finery, shabby in dress, cry and laugh, reverie; Wang Qianyuan a Taoist dress, showing a blast head shape, exaggerated facial expressions. Fixed gear posters mysterious village collective amnesia before exposed, Wang Qianyuan a Taoist dress, sitting on a unicycle on a mystery, and the pilot notice is also a continuation of the posters in the fantasy mystery. With the sound of a bell, Wang Qianyuan holding a lotus artifact into the village, people always have to persuade people not to be divulged the secret, not forget it." Although Hsu Chi’s struggle to say "wait", "I do not want to forget, but the villagers or collective amnesia. Hsu Chi became a lady from the shabby in dress, silk and satin sounded sad woman, Wang Qianyuan also traveled from the village of foreign visitors into power forgetful village chiefs summon wind and call for rain. Hsu Chi Wang Qianyuan movie "village" to subvert the image gathering a forgetful strength actor, Golden Horse Award winner with the Tokyo Film Festival winner to join the film let the expected value is high, Hsu Chi Wang Qianyuan and strength of subversion, and the screen image to be quite different. Hsu Chi changed the image of goddess, incarnation, with grey black shabby in dress ", a" forgetful village "ugly" spare no effort, with tears in her eyes regardless of the image of big bread, eye popping. Wang Qianyuan is once again to challenge the new role, mysterious monk image, a second still lobbying Hsu Chi lotus, the next second became her thrush, whirling the relationship between two people. The film in addition to double blessing actor actress, and Eric Tsang’s cameo, and Chang Hsiao Chuan, Yang Ning? The two niche strength strong join. As the Spring Festival at the box office Queen ", as early as in 2013, Hsu Chi starred in the fantasy comedy film" file Spring Festival "and the West fell monsters record breaking, gains 1 billion 200 million at the box office, the star of the" dragon tactic "is a win-win phenomenon large box office reputation. "Zero bad acting" actor Wang Qianyuan to pick the "deep meaning" script and famous, "he is forgetful village" to "save" "following the Wu Xiu Chun knife" in "the piano" after another masterpiece. Lunar New Year’s day three movie "forgetful village" will stall the Lunar New Year’s day, Spring Festival is more worth looking forward to let 2017 stalls. The Spring Festival stalls film competition, Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark gathered together to create "the west" and Jackie Chan V demon [micro-blog] comedy "Kung Fu" yoga. A teaser poster was released, users have commented: "forget" village "is not a" see the beginning to guess the end of "popcorn movie, have a unique style in the fierce competition in the Spring Festival in the movie file." The movie "forgetful village" to be released 2017 lunar new year.相关的主题文章: