Huang Yusheng college is the place to practice freedom and learning

Huang Yusheng: the university is the place where the freedom and the study are noble. Abstract: the general education of university is a kind of education of freedom of study and practice. In the freedom of learning, people understand the authority can be the challenge, the truth can be trial and error; in practice, freedom, mutual respect and love to the people, to face the choice of independence alone. The original [editor’s note] Ya college is to explore the innovation of undergraduate education in Tsinghua University and ad hoc "boarding school of Arts and Sciences, known as the" Tsinghua School "general education experimentation area", established in 2014, began in 2016 for the national enrollment (Science and arts). Xinya college director Gan yang. Xinya college students is not professional, first to receive general education to strengthen mathematical foundation and foundation of Humanities and Social Sciences class pass. A year later, students are free to choose any professional direction of Tsinghua University, or choose the development of interdisciplinary. 4 to 5 years of flexible learning. Graduation, according to the professional direction of the students, to the relevant literature, science, engineering, law, art and other bachelor’s degree. The Department of Tsinghua University professor of philosophy, general education curriculum "Western thought of classical and modern society" teacher Huang Yusheng, speech at the 2016 college freshmen in the opening ceremony, originally published in the WeChat public, "Tsinghua University Xinya College" (xinyacollege), surging news authorisation. Tsinghua University philosophy professor Huang Yusheng speech at the 2016 college freshmen Xinya opening ceremony. Ya dear headmaster, Qiu college plans dear teachers and graduates: good afternoon! Here, I first want to ya college class of 2016 of the new students welcome and congratulations! Congratulations on your high school graduates in 2016 to become the most fortunate, because you not only into the Tsinghua University campus, and boarded the Tsinghua School ya. Sitting here, was your goal. But it’s a brand new start for you to sit here today. I am very pleased and honored to have this opportunity to stand here and take part in your future with a brief speech. I have been to the school two students Ya class before. In the first class, I will do two things, one is to explain what is general education, and the other is before this, to the students to mention a meal on the proposal. Today, I would like to talk about why this proposal. In the dining room, in the restaurant, we can often see someone eating, chewing the sound of four, after the total people dining table is a mess. This is called eating without eating. On the train, in the cinema, even in some serious places, we often encounter, there will always be people who have always constantly eating food. This is not the time to eat. Whether it is to eat without its phase, or eat no time, are called eating ugly. The reason why people want to eat and eat, stand like a station, is that people are not ordinary animals, but noble animals. I believe that you do not have the problem of eating; if there is, it does not matter, from today to improve, learn from today’s noble. Because the Xinya Institute is studying noble place. Man is a noble animal, so he needs a university. University as a university, is that it is not only students:相关的主题文章: