HUAWEI poster exposure or implied P9 released in March 9th

HUAWEI poster exposure or implied P9 released in March 9th, held in Barcelona before the MWC2016 conference, HUAWEI officially announced to enter the PC market, and released the first Win10 combo notebook MateBook, and HUAWEI P9 for the long-awaited did not appear. Previously, HUAWEI P9 will be announced in March 9th in Berlin, Germany, and now the news is basically confirmed. Today, a suspected HUAWEI propaganda poster was exposed to the Internet, the poster theme "Beer" seems to imply the meaning of P9, or hinted that HUAWEI P9 will be released in Berlin in March 9th. HUAWEI posters were exposed or hinted that P9 released a comprehensive rumor on March 9th, allegedly HUAWEI P9 has a million copies of the amount, the official release will launch P9 Lite, P9 Standard Version, P9 Max and P9 enhanced version and other four versions. Among them, the P9 enhanced version of the screen will be larger, memory and body capacity also improved, and will configure 12 million pixels dual cameras. Other configuration, HUAWEI P9 will use 5.2 inches 1080p touch screen, equipped with 950 (or 955 kylin kylin) processor, the highest frequency is increased from 2.3GHz to 2.5GHz, and low-cost version of the P9 Lite will use the kylin 650 processor; with 8 million pixels front camera and 12 million pixel main double lens, USB Type 2 C interface, 2900 Ma when the battery charger, 5V2A; 3GB RAM+32GB ROM, but the high version will have 64 DDR4 flash memory, while the standard for DDR3 Flash support; CNC function, there will be the first rose gold version of the standard edition price 2888 yuan. HUAWEI P9 mobile phone shell after the exposure of the HUAWEI P9 although the recent news frequently, but now HUAWEI has not officially announced the official HUAWEI P9, so HUAWEI P9 will in March 9th has yet to be confirmed, but we believe that the release of HUAWEI P9 is getting closer and closer to us.

华为宣传海报被曝光 或暗示P9于3月9日发布   在日前举行的巴塞罗那MWC2016大会上,华为正式宣布进军PC市场,并发布了首款Win10二合一笔记本MateBook,而对于大家期待已久的华为P9却没有亮相。此前据称华为P9将与3月9日在德国柏林发布,现在这一消息基本得以确认。   今日,一张疑似华为宣传海报被曝光于网络,海报主题“Beer”似乎是在暗示P9之意,或暗示华为P9将于3月9日在柏林发布。 华为宣传海报被曝光 或暗示P9于3月9日发布   综合此前的传闻,据称华为P9已有百万备货量,正式发布时将推出P9 Lite、P9标准版、P9 Max和P9增强版等四个版本。其中,P9增强版屏幕将更大,内存和机身容量也有提升,并且会配置1200万像素双摄像头。   其他配置方面,华为P9将采用5.2英寸1080p触控屏,搭载麒麟950(或麒麟955)处理器,最高主频从2.3GHz提高至 2.5GHz,而低价版P9 Lite将采用麒麟650处理器;拥有800万像素前置镜头和1200万像素双主镜头,USB 2.0 Type C接口,2900毫安时电池,5V2A充电器;3GB RAM+32GB ROM,不过高配版将拥有64位DDR4闪存,而标配则为DDR3闪存;支持全网通功能,首发将会有玫瑰金版本,标准版售价2888元。 此前曝光的华为P9手机壳   虽然近期华为P9的消息频频,不过目前华为官方还未正式宣布华为P9的消息,因此华为P9是否将于3月9日还有待确认,但我们相信华为P9的发布离我们越来越近了。相关的主题文章: