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Huaxi Mu skin spring, men and women and hot springs tourism Sohu – it has been autumn, cold weather, many places are no longer suitable for swimming, but it is the most suitable for the hot spring season, can also wear light suit, is to seize the summer tail, jumped into the spring. All the pores are hot smoked, the incomparable comfortable feeling, as if all of the world have a wash and do. The hot spring is a kind of natural spring water gush from the ground, in the "modern China tourism geography", the definition of hot springs is: "the water temperature is higher than the skin temperature (about 34 DEG C) spring called hot springs; under this index called cold; higher than body temperature (37 DEG C) is also called for hot springs, hot springs or high boiling springs". In the deep underground, there is a very high temperature magma, the underground water from there, it was very hot, so it becomes hot water. The hot water comes out of the ground, the hot springs that we see. Hot springs originated in china. China is one of the world’s most populous country is one of the hot springs, hot springs with the earliest countries, hot spring culture and cultural history of five thousand years of glorious and resplendent, hot spring has never been broken, because the autumn season soak hot springs bath, not only can promote the blood circulation, shuhuojingu, can make muscle relaxation, reduce the patients with arthritis joint tightness that helps to alleviate the condition, treatment, rehabilitation and health care purposes, so many people love. The earliest record of the emperor’s hot springs may be Huang Di. In Anhui, Mount Huangshan, where the Mount Huangshan hot springs, called "Lingquan", "hot spring", "Zhu Shaquan", by the Ziyun peak flow, and the peach blossom peak from across the river, the legend of Xuanyuan Huang Di is in this forty-nine bath 77 heaven emperor and emergence; the deepest origins, should be in Shaanxi Huaqing Hot Spring. Huaqing Hot Spring is the recorded hot exploitation of the earliest, is probably the most people for having heard it many times hot springs, known as "the best in all the land of hot spring". Qin Shihuang, Tang Taizong, Tang Xuanzong and other outstanding emperors, and forged indissoluble bound. Down, then there is Kangxi, the story of the Mu soup of the Qian Long. Every time I go to the Qing Dynasty emperor Qing tombs must go to bath "hot spring", Emperor Kangxi had Zuoshi praise: "hot spring spring boiling and clear away from the source, Xian Dan psammophytic, Muriyuyue animistic fluid, tiny ripples flow trace zheng". Spring is very wide in distribution in China, almost every province has some deep in the mountains, some in the snow mountain, some in the Yangtze River Delta, some in the forest, there are many so-called "ten springs" online, in fact Yufan seems not reliable, not to say that spring is not good, but that not on the list of many hot springs are not worse than these springs, such as Chongqing sail here will introduce Liaoning Benxi Huaxi hot spring bathing. Huaxi hot springs is located in Benxi County, wood caohezhang Xiang Hu Jia Bao Cun, from the famous scenic attractions in Benxi closed and AAAAA tunnel is close at hand, as the original pulse deep underground spa, water temperature of about 76 degrees Celsius, ranking first in Liaoning province. Hot springs rich in manganese carbonate, sodium carbonate and other chemical elements and minerals, which belongs to a medical hot mineral water, water quality, smooth and delicate, like a fine, delicious wine 9相关的主题文章: