Hunan teachers adhere to the remote mountains 39 years of life and death only for the mountains baby k9084

Hunan teachers adhere to the remote mountains 39 years of life and death only for the mountains in October 26th, after school, Xie Zhiyong teacher back home. Tian Rurui photo Hunan Daily reporter Zou Yi correspondent He Yunxiong Ren Zewang Yang Li road stretches for risk steep, rugged. The morning of October 25th, from the point of view of Jiangyong County after 2 hours of bumps, the reporters came to the center Yun Shan Da pan Cun primary school teaching point. "We are the children of the mountains, love their hometown, love the great motherland……" Just came into the classroom, the reporter can see the teacher Xie Zhiyong a hand on crutches, the other hand holding the book to teach the children to read the text. At this moment, he is full of vitality, did not see a nearly 60 years old. Big village teaching point of this party has been accompanied by Xie Zhiyong for 39 years, he sent out a number of mountains here after the children, with love and dedication to write a song of ordinary and great rural teachers. Both teachers and relatives Xie Zhiyong was born in the village of big banks. 39 years ago, Xie Zhiyong, aged 18, graduated from Daoxian County normal school, originally assigned to a good school. When you see the lack of teachers in the mountains, many children can not go to school because of the nearest school, he decided to return to the village when a primary school teacher. Here the difficult living conditions, poor teaching facilities, teachers for a round and round. Look at Xie Zhiyong, the villagers: the young, half believe and half doubt how long will you stay? Xie Zhiyong said without hesitation: "rest assured, I was born here, the yuan and the mountains, the more reluctant mountain kids!" earlier this year, Xie Zhiyong lives near the school. See some of the children go to school more than and 10 kilometers road, when the rain and snow, he took some children to stay in their own home, help children laundry, cooking, homework. Students close to home, every rainy season, he will have the children one by one back to the stream. In May 2002, the students Liu Qiulian home wooden bridge was washed away, Xie Zhiyong took the little girl back across the river returned by flood out of more than 20 meters away, he clung to a piece of wood didn’t fall off the cliff. Adhere to the teeth "suffering from constant chronic illness……" The bell rang, Xie Zhiyong holding a textbook on crutches walking back to the office. Sitting on the chair, he looked a little tired, he could see the sweat on his forehead. Talking about his physical condition, Xie Zhiyong some frustration. In June 24, 2007, he suddenly fell in front of the podium, was diagnosed with a rare Green Barre syndrome. At that time, in addition to the head, the whole body can not move, the doctor said: even cured, he can only sit in the next half of the wheelchair. Xie Zhiyong, President of the mountain center primary school, told reporters that in order to be able to return to the podium, when the rest of the family at home every day in the practice of hard to stand on the ground, Hu Hongxiang. Fall again and again and again to climb up, more than a year later, he finally miraculously stood up. Recover after Xie Zhiyong left sequela, left leg was much smaller, half of the body not to use force. The family lives in the county advised him: "you are this way, don’t go to the mountains to drill!" Xie Zhiyong said with a smile: "do not go, who will teach Nashanli children!" Xie Zhiyong’s pay was sure that in 2011 he was awarded the "outstanding teacher" of Yongzhou, 2012 named lake.相关的主题文章: