Hundred dollars budget how to quickly improve the home bigger ca1805

Hundred dollars budget: how to quickly improve the home bigger (original title: to enhance the home bigger? The way to save money to conquer eat melon masses) lead: the season every season you will want to change yourself rather baffling in hand, as if also only in this way can be completely and a season to start a new life. In fact, you can change the home environment from the beginning, with a fresh home design to meet the new start! It certainly has not been filling in fear of their purse, but don’t worry, editor today you collecting these super save money coup! Early in the morning just to share with me buddy bigger high Home Furnishing INS on the design of a socialite. Across the screen, I can feel the envy of the envy of envy… But then again, so there is a style of home who do not love? Just as I had buddy when Home Furnishing designed and transformed her, saying "I’m poor" help weave me laugh cry… Please ~ who said high bigger Home Furnishing style = burn! Money!??? Look down here to see how to conquer these super money people eat melon Home Furnishing design, so too expensive? Jewelry jewelry "dual-use" method "dual-use" method when it comes to accessories, your first thought is 80% collocation with clothes! Of course, this is one of the things that is still used for home decoration. The home that you don’t know the heap where to place the necklace or pendant, don’t put the wall full empty, it will look dull, it is better to use some simple decoration and fixed on the wall, and then hung on the accessories to add to the sense of hierarchy. Appropriate to change the angle of the furniture for the appropriate furniture for another angle for the display of furniture, 99% of people are accustomed to all things against the wall, or must be aligned. If you have this kind of thinking is really terrible, do you think your family is a barracks quarters? It is boring. In fact, want to improve the furniture level, can not spend so much effort to re decoration, try to change the angle of the furniture, sometimes messy beauty is also a style. Not only the photo photo wall photo wall frame not only a slight sense of design Home Furnishing knows popular making photo wall, not only can fully fill the Home Furnishing environment, also can create a warm and comfortable style. But a pile of a pile of photo frames let you spend a lot of money, in addition to have a good position, otherwise it would be a mess. In fact, the photo frame is to create a form of photo wall, can be changed in a way. Look up some branches to increase waste collocation photos, looks very idyllic atmosphere. The curtain is placed in the curtain is a very important part of the home design, do not look down upon it, the size of your space is determined by the size of the curtains. If you want to make your home space look high, then let the curtain position higher than the top of the window, cleverly stretched the ceiling and ground distance. In addition, if your home space is not large, then do not try the vertical curtain design, try to hang the curtains, so that the window相关的主题文章: