Huxian women are crooks money police rushed to 40 thousand yuan to save t420s

Huxian woman is liar money police rushed to 40 thousand yuan to keep the newspaper news (reporter Ge Lan) public security calls…… "Suspected of money laundering"…… Transfer funds freeze…… Otherwise would be wanted…… Now, with the media, the disclosure of such telecommunications fraud routines, more and more people have been seen through, but Ms. Zhang Huxian is almost a swindler who, when she was about to send money to scammers in the critical moment, the police appeared in front of the real. Yesterday morning, Ms. Zhang county residents suddenly received a phone call, the other end of the phone, a man claiming to be the staff of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate, told Ms. Zhang suspected of "money laundering", must be the funds transferred to the procuratorate public account frozen, otherwise it will be the most wanted man and told her not to tell. No matter who. Ms. Zhang did not dare put for gospel truth, this news to tell anyone. "The staff also provided me with a web site, claiming that there was an arrest warrant." Ms. Zhang said, but she can only provide the URL provided in accordance with each other to open the link, and indeed see an arrest warrant, which has its own personal information and photos. See as clear as noonday information and their passport, Ms. Zhang was very frightened, he quietly took his being 40 thousand yuan postal savings card out of the door, half-way call from his family and she did not dare to answer. The Huxian ancestral temple town postal savings business hall. And in the line to prepare the remittance, met her police are looking for. At first, the face of police interrogation, ready to send money to Ms. Zhang until the police made it clear that avoid being seen, the means of fraud and typical cases, she came to understand it, I was really suffered a telecommunications fraud. Huxian Public Security Bureau Zu an police station police investigators told reporters yesterday, the 17 day, on duty police received clues to the superior department of telecommunications fraud warning forwarding, clues show area 27 year old Ms. Zhang, is a telecommunications fraud telephone harassment. Urgent! Police immediately diverge, all the way to the police to intercept in the ancestral temple town of all financial outlets, and other civilian police quickly rushed to the home of Ms. zhang. However, when the police arrived at his house, but learned that Ms. Zhang has to go out and disappear without a trace, no one answered the phone. In the police and their families are anxiously looking for Ms. Zhang, came the news of the police in the ancestral town of um to intercept the post office, Ms. Zhang has been found, and successfully blocked the remittance. "A total of 40 thousand, ready to transfer to the so-called" Shanghai city procuratorate "". Ms. Zhang said, fortunately, the police arrived in time to avoid the 40 thousand yuan savings cheated. Police remind the public, encountered a similar event, do not believe, not to disclose their personal information, if in doubt, you can call 110 consultation. If deceived or relatives, friends cheated, should immediately report to the public security department, and actively assist the police solve the case.相关的主题文章: