I see you across the [eleven] – Sohu Kawagebo special tourism-sayu-02

I see you across the [eleven] – Sohu Kawagebo special tourism Batang road to Mangkam, although through more than 9 seats but still not too nice cart, we can only take the detour, and just another Meili Xue Shan. From Aden to Xiangcheng, this section of road to the scary, it’s just repaired the road, winding road such as highway general or make people very happy. This can be happy after, from Xiangcheng to de Rong road can not be fun. All the holes, while the Jinsha River is roaring waves beneath the precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, while the crisp mountain, it is so dangerous. Fortunately, the master son driving, safe walking for several hours, it is gone. Sichuan’s 100 most beautiful shot, white Cangzhai. From here, we go to Yunnan. On the road accidentally opened a motorcycle of foreign friends, they had no oil trapped in the car in the mountains, the village before the shop, do not know how the following. 20 arrived in benzilan, in the West as the 18 point is not dark, just the sunset. But this day has been driving for more than 13 hours, can not go to the temple, but the early morning of Meili Xue Shan. It is through the white snow mountain road, now more than the road is very excellent, also soon passed the tunnel. From the Deqin to Mangkam, long tired mountain, eyes in the heaven body in hell, but the best described here. It is a new Tibet line, rather than a memoir. Since the car is indeed no ride to the story, the last time to take this road, is a Lama to take my car. A red, open jeep, stop calling me on the train, said he would go to a temple on the mountain, is not too far away from Mangkam. Master did not say too much, just tell me in good faith, next time do not ride a person, the danger. This is a wonderful morning, flying in the temple of the Buddha encountered. What is it like to walk on the road again. Have a very merry passing, stubborn three Meili Xue Shan only to see his one eye, and may not last, came to the Meili Xue Shan, he lived until I thought would not go. Drinking coffee in a sunny afternoon, looking at the book, just inadvertently looked up at the window, 13 peaks, majestic lined up. See you finally came to the tramp over mountains and through ravines, see, is very lucky. Several ride experience down, people again and again and three to my help, finally is in exchange for a sentence, the girl next time really don’t ride, dangerous. I have long been no longer the way to choose a ride, but I miss the time on the road ride. When you can’t get on the bus, you can’t see the world as if I were alone. When you can’t get on the bus, sit by the river and listen to the sound of water. Not to take the car, and the street buddies’ Niubi, people on the road there are one or two like drawn to like. In the gas station can ride in the street can be pulled, we took a sentence, "to ride well, washing my face at home." After that a ceiling on highway 318 road side is clear stream of sound, when the industry on a la]相关的主题文章: