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"If you are the one" next year! 1 women and 24 men to open the Jiangsu satellite TV 2017 generation integrated N regression ifeng.com entertainment news (by Xiao Nan) October 22nd, Jiangsu satellite TV "2017, together with the wonderful advertising investment will be held in Haikou. At the meeting, Jiangsu TV variety announced the lineup and key plays in the new year, "The Brain 4" "we love it" 3 "special 2" partner "masked sing 2" guess "N generation", and "we will challenge it," "golden fish" master "and" hand "sing the end" and other new projects reinforce the TV series, litchi variety; Wang epic drama "White Deer", such as Yi Qing drama after "biography", "Sun Li drama that bloom on a perfect circle" and other top big drama drama in Litchi array. 2017, Jiangsu satellite TV’s first weekend double season broadcast concept, on the one hand both the quality and popularity of the "N generation" escort "The Brain 4" "2" super Sentai "we love 3" "special 2" partner "masked sing 2" say I guess "world 2", "star kitchen to the 4" to 2 "mother"…… The domineering return. "The Brain" fourth to self transcendence, inviting the industry elite to join; "extraordinary" are 2 partner in the first quarter, ten years after the reunion of Xiang Qin Naoki "super memory that killed," the audience will also introduce ";" we love it "the third season of celebrity guest lineup expanded to sports cross-border upgrades the business community and the fashion circle, will also open a" collective dating "gameplay upgrades. It is worth noting that the classic "column edge to" If You Are The One will try to form in the quasi sowing season in 2017, regularly launched a series of theme programs, to upgrade the original model, the transformation of traditional play, will also create a role reversal 1 female VS24 male, "blind date" met "checkpoints" and many other "sowing season" concept.相关的主题文章: