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IMAX the completion of the first phase of the $50 million fund raising test technology of VR – IMAX Sohu entertainment will be made new high-quality, immersive VR content of Sohu IMAX Corporation and IMAX China entertainment Holding jointly announced that the two companies have completed the VR fund to raise $50 million. The fund, jointly funded by IMAX and other strategic investors, will support the creation of at least 25 interactive VR experience for the next three years. This applies to all VR platforms, including the IMAX VR experience center. IMAX and the fund will be invested in the creation of high-quality VR content, with the rapid growth of the VR industry platform to be presented. The fund will focus on investment in the high-end team and phenomenal production Hollywood film and co director of the IMAX, further expand the existing single chip, but also the publisher and other excellent content of cooperation and game developers. IMAX Corporation CEO Richard Gelfond said: "IMAX has always been through innovation and pioneering cooperation to promote the popularization of new technology. Today, we uphold the tradition, hand in hand across these media, entertainment and technology leader in a number of areas, together to create a new high quality content for the entire VR ecosystem. We will make full use of broad cooperation with world-class director and content creators, making investment to move and attract more audiences to experience VR content, including the IMAX VR experience to fully grasp the center of all VR platform opportunities." Today’s announcement also shows IMAX for the upcoming IMAX VR experience center efforts, which allows users to develop a series of super immersive and realistic experience in the new world, see and feel the high-end mobile entertainment and interactive content. The company has included Hollywood film and game publishers including a number of content developers to enter the discussion stage, and plan to use is currently working with Google theater level virtual reality camera in some projects. IMAX’s chief business development officer Robert Lester added: "the combination of VR technology advantages, to set up the fund is a key step to ensure more high quality content into the various VR platform including IMAX VR of the experience center. We are very pleased that the fund can be favored by these well-known investors. We look forward to working together to bring a new generation of global users highly differentiated and immersive VR content experience." IMAX is currently preparing for the opening of the first pilot IMAX VR experience center, pilot projects will be located in Losangeles and Manchester, ODEON &, UCI theater group’s Printworks multi hall cinema. The next few months, the company also intends to build in China, Japan, the United States, the Middle East and Western Europe and other pilot VR experience center.相关的主题文章: