Install software to grab a red envelope to police officers to remind net sales artifact is fraud (vi txplatform

Install the software to grab red cheated police reminder: net sales "artifact" is a variety of fraud with the rise of social software, grab a red envelope has become a popular fashion, "the best luck" natural mood, but encountered "grab, grab the little" how to do? This is an amusing pastime boredom, but some people in pursuit of every time to grab a red envelope, and even the pursuit of every "best luck", blindly believe unconfirmed information on the network, in an attempt to install special software to achieve the purpose of. Criminals took the opportunity to throw grab red artifact bait, only online contact with the victim, step by step set after obtaining money play missing"! Similar cases frequently the incident: a Taizhou software grab red cheated 680 yuan to grab the victorious red war, Taizhou Lumou gullible friends recommended red hanging open software ", the" software "can not be used, against being cheated 680 yuan each. In late November 5th 8, Lumou in WeChat group where friends to grab a red envelope, but he is always poor luck, "a step down". At that time a stranger with Lumou friend WeChat, asked Lumou need red hanging open software ", ensure the grab envelopes could hit. Lumou heard that before can also grab red hanging open, then holding the curious psychology to ask how much money, the other said a price of 680 yuan, through WeChat sent a web site to download and install let Lumou, Lumou follow the other instructions after the success of the installation, the need to open an activation code, the other told Lu a payment to the activation code told Lumou, Lumou eager to grab a red envelope immediately by Alipay to the other party 680 yuan, will be sent to each other, the activation code immediately after landing can not wait to try, but found that the software does not have any effect, Lumou contact each other to let your money back, only to find themselves already pull the other black, deceived Lumou rushed to the Taizhou City Hailing District West of the police station to consciousness. Police, grab a red envelope plug-in software belongs to WeChat banned software, is difficult to obtain gray software security authentication, so users are difficult to find safe passage to download this software, in addition to help users to grab the red envelopes at the same time, a lot of plug-in software also malicious code, trying to get the user’s bank card account, mobile phone contacts etc. confidential information, once the user allows the software to obtain these permissions, the consequences will be unbearable to contemplate. The incident: Zhoushan to buy "plug-in" grab red cheated 4480 yuan in September 15th, Zhoushan Dinghai guy Hemou on the Baidu search, find a "High King key grab red software", in accordance with the above left contact, and a "customer service hotline" micro signal each added a good friend. The other said, prepaid 200 yuan to send software. The other sent to a two-dimensional code payment, Hemou sweep paid 200 yuan, really received the other sent to software. However, Hemou on the phone to download the installation is complete, ready to log in, found the need to log in password. Customer service hotline, said the need to pay 780 yuan to give the password. He readily paid, but still can not log in. One of those who want to grab a red envelope. Customer service hotline to contact someone technician, and told the micro signal. "Technician" on WeChat said, must support accounts相关的主题文章: