Inventory in November Jiangsu around ten of the most beautiful self driving travel 7470d

Inventory in November Jiangsu around ten of the most beautiful car travel to Shanghai recently turned cold, catch the tail of the autumn, while the weather is fine around the car is also a good choice. Inventory in November Jiangsu around ten of the most beautiful car travel, travel for reference.   1, the coastal redwoods Jiangnan scenery of Kanas coastal redwood forest in Zhejiang coastal deep cove, actually hidden a piece of amazing redwoods. This autumn, Wanshan popular, cenglinjinran, seems to be hidden in the south of Kanas. A red light red, dark red, touch the sky, red variety of colors intertwined, reflected on the rippling blue river, beautiful picture as a static. The shuttle in the reeds, walking in the valley streams, use the camera to record this most beautiful autumn. Itinerary: Shanghai to the sea – Dongsheng – Tong Keng (Village Camp), including Cangshan, Ziyang Town, Shanghai self drive journey: from the starting point to the Shanghai Kunming expressway, Shanghai Kunming expressway, Hangzhou Bay expressway, Taiwan highway, often link S225 to end point area address: Dong Cheng Zhen Tong Keng Cun, Linghai City, 2 eight small Pu Jie ten ancient ginkgo promenade eight small Pu Jie view of Ginkgo biloba, autumn is the last scenic feast. The concept of Ginkgo holy lot, but recently from Shanghai Changxin eight small Pu Jie, hidden in a small village between the two hills, with ten years old a strange silver Xinglin, lavish nightlife, known as the "hometown of the world". In the magnificent golden ginkgo promenade, distant mountains overlap, the ear is the tinkling spring, beautiful words, even from the mountain also was romantic. Itinerary: Shanghai, Changxin, mountain lake, ancient gingko corridor of Shanghai car journey: Shanghai of Changxin, Nanjing Hangzhou high-speed, 318 National Road, along the exit to go straight to a ginkgo promenade sign the road straight to the ancient silver Xinglin scenic address: Huzhou City, Changxing County small town 3, Xianju Gong Yu Shangri-La fall like autumn Xianju Gong Yu a terrace, why side of Yunnan Hani, Guangxi Longji, Xianju Gong Yu terrace beauty in the word. Gong Yu is known as the "East China last Shangri-La, surrounded by peaks around the cliff in the backdrop of terraced layers, scattered around the old village…… When the morning mist rising from the valley, lingering in the terraces, as if he really came to the abode of immortals. Itinerary: Shanghai, Xianju, Shanghai Gong Yu driving distance: Shanghai, Shanghai Kunming expressway, Hangzhou Bay, Taiwan highway to link highway often Zhuyong highway, arrived in Gong Yu Cun in Gongyuyan export to. Address: Tian scenic territory Xianju County town 4, Ling’an Daming Mountain the most beautiful alpine meadow in Daming Mountain of Ling’an   if you aspire to Mount Huangshan today, and Mount Huangshan people worry too much about it, than to Zhejiang Ling’an mountain. An invigorating autumn climate season, take a blessing but the most appropriate, beautiful like Xia red dazzling, red Sihuo, fascinating, hilltop acres of alpine meadow, golden night, might as well in the camping area for one night, look at the Milky Way charming not see in the city for a long time. [around Shanghai autumn driving Zhejiang town相关的主题文章: