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"Iron Knight" exposed Super Trailer small meat battle villain Boss- Sohu entertainment "iron Knight" is coming to China cinema Sohu entertainment news "iron Knight" in November 1st will be landing Chinese theaters in November 1st, recently, the film side exposed the super version of the trailer and the main characters of posters. Respectively from the strength, ambition, family, love a number of angles to explain the distinctive personality characteristics of the characters, so that the mystery of the relationship between the more intense. Super version of the trailer and set cool deflagration in one of the audience of the film is full of reverie.     Super Trailer set version of "trouble" runaway teenager with a small universe version of "how to make steel" in a body. The trailer to the male’s upbringing as the main line, describes his destructive abilities lost, and then realize the true meaning of life and gradually find themselves, to assume the responsibility of protecting the earth justice. Sharp clip, strong rhythm, cool special effects, full of heavy metal music, passion outline "iron Knight" temperament. The hero poster filled with melancholy grim future color. In the background, the metal vortex cataphracted seems to want to swallow all the material universe. And if the asteroid shooting up the super light, powerful force to get rid of all the shackles and fetters. In this battle star center, actor Max – iron Knights cool styling, for the first time in the poster appeared to ordinary people. This is the growing pains and tangled teenager, Togata Toshiro, her determination, but also to show the forehead between the sense of anxiety and confusion. Although the unloaded invincible mecha, the face of family, love, responsibility and justice, he is still thinking about all the super heroes are in pursuit of the ultimate philosophical proposition, ability is greater, the greater the responsibility. In contrast to the actor’s solemn character, the villain BOSS poster is full of burning desire to breath. The evil master wearing the mask of hypocrisy, a father’s name set to trap layers over the world. Cruelty and greed in his eyes inadvertently revealed, and the huge space behind the deep and empty life, like the rapid expansion of the black hole, crazy devouring all the trust and friendship, and human eyes. Super light beam looms on the spot the red block and diffuse dark red color echoed throughout the poster, indicates the villain in the desire to conquer the earth journey, will be full of bloody violence and use unscrupulous divisive tactics. Compared with the full of murderous male posters, two female characters in the film’s soaring yen value, but also inject gentleness between real steel. The poster highlights the mother family values, girl to create emotional atmosphere, add a touch of warm color for the film, showing a three-dimensional multi angle due and humanity science fiction epic. "Iron Knight" by the new American Idol star Benjamin – Starring Walter Winchell, third generation Godfather Andy – Garcia and starred in "Mummy 3" actress Maria Bello escort, in November 1st and Chinese audience super fit.相关的主题文章: